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Extended Leave of Absence - Pharmacy Residents (18.8)

Extended Leave of Absence - Pharmacy Residents (18.8) - Policies, Administrative, UWHC, Department Specific, Pharmacy, Residents



Effective Date:
September 2011

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Title: Extended Leave of Absence-
Pharmacy Residents

I. PURPOSE: This policy outlines expectations for residents who require an
extended leave of absence during their residency program.

II. POLICY: The residency programs at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and
Clinics will be coordinated according to standard practices and procedures in the
pharmacy department.


a. Resident leave of absence will follow UWHC policy 9.40, 9.50, or 9.72.
b. In the event a resident requires an extended leave of absence (e.g.; absence
of greater than or equal to four (4) consecutive work days )during their
residency program, residents may take any accumulated vacation and sick
time as well as additional days, without pay, and still complete the
residency program at the end of the program year. The number of days
allotted without pay will be a joint decision made between the resident and
the program director.
c. An individualized plan for the resident will be developed with the
resident’s program director, advisor and the director of pharmacy which
will ensure all program requirements are successfully met.
d. Extended leave of absences may result in an extension of the residency
program in order to meet program requirements.

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Director of Pharmacy Services

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