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Verification of Prescribing Privileges (1.4)

Verification of Prescribing Privileges (1.4) - Policies, Administrative, UWHC, Department Specific, Pharmacy, Administration


Effective Date:
September 2002

Chapter: Administration
Policy #: 1.4
Revision 8/16
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Title: Verification of Prescribing Privileges
I. Policy: UWHC Pharmacy Department will maintain systems to assure verification
of prescribing privileges.
II. Purpose: In order to provide good patient care it is important that pharmacists understand
the ways that UW pharmacists may ensure prescribers are eligible to write
orders/prescriptions at UWHC.
III. Procedures:
a. Privilege lists for medical staff, scope of practices for physician assistants and
collaborative agreements for advance practice nurses at UWHC can be found
using the following website:
i. https://portalclient.echo-cloud.com/37007portal/privportal/msldir.asp?
b. The website is maintained and kept timely by the Medical Staff Affairs office.
c. Pharmacists will contact the provider’s office if there is any question regarding the
validity of a provider‘s signature. Verification of the prescription will be done via
a verbal order. Documentation of the prescription verification will be done on the
face of the prescription and shall include date, time and the initials of the
pharmacist who verified the prescribing privilege.
Approved By: ____________________________
Director of Pharmacy Services
Date: ____________