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Pharmacist Staffing/Scheduling (1.11)

Pharmacist Staffing/Scheduling (1.11) - Policies, Administrative, UWHC, Department Specific, Pharmacy, Administration



Effective Date:

September 2002
⌧Pharmacy Policy Manual
Chapter: Administrative
Operations Procedure Manual

Policy #: 1.11

⌧ Revision 7/13
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Title: Pharmacist Staffing/Scheduling

I. POLICY: To establish processes for pharmacist staffing and scheduling and assure
professional coverage for the provision of pharmacy services.

II. PURPOSE: It is the responsibility of the pharmacy leadership team to assure adequate, cost
effective staffing based upon the clinical needs of the patient, budgeted
expectations for the area and other organizational requirements. The purpose of
this policy is to establish guidelines for the scheduling processes throughout the

A. The pharmacy manager, supervisor or designee will develop a staffing model for each
area of the department based on budgeted positions. The staffing model is flexible to
respond to clinic, department and organizational needs. Staff should be aware that
the model may need to be adjusted when necessary because of these needs.
B. Work schedules will be posted a minimum of two weeks prior to the start of the
C. Vacation, holiday and meeting day requests are approved by the manager, supervisor
or designee. The manager determines the number of personnel who may be granted
time off during a given schedule based on the current needs of the department.
Guidelines for granting these requests are developed and attached to this policy.
D. For a complete description of the pharmacy department scheduling process refer to
the attached appendices.

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Director of Pharmacy Services

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