Policies,Administrative,UWHC,Department Specific,Pharmacy


Administration - Policies, Administrative, UWHC, Department Specific, Pharmacy

Activities of Unlicensed Pharmacists and Pharmacy Students (1.13)
Administrative Standards (1.7)
Department of Pharmacy Compliance with Laws and Regulations Pertaining to Practice of Pharmacy (1.3)
Directions - HL, Mobile Meds, and or Connect-Rx Downtime (1.27)
Distribution and Use of Medication Dispensing Pins (1.41)
External Disaster and Multiple Victim Trauma Response (MVTR)Plan (1.21)
Guidelines for Use and Security of Department Owned Laptop Computers (1.34)
Handling of Check Payments for UWHC Transactions (1.16)
Management of Pharmacy Department Policies (1.22)
Management of Pharmacy Keys (1.45)
Management of Technician Sick Call (1.9)
Medication Pricing Policy (1.20)
Medication Refrigerator Audit Policy (1.32)
New Employee Orientation and Training (1.6)
Orderliness and Cleanliness Guidelines - Central Pharmacy (1.40)
Payment to Pharmacists for Extra Shifts and Night Shift Incentive (1.39)
Pharmacist Advancement and Recognition Program (1.12)
Pharmacist CPR, ACLS, PALS, Certification (1.18)
Pharmacist Licensure and Certification Requirements (1.5)
Pharmacist Staffing/Scheduling (1.11)
Pharmacy Administrator On Call (1.10)
Pharmacy Personnel Budget Management and Position Control Systems (1.44)
Pharmacy Retention Records (1.23)
Pharmacy Staff Professional Meeting and Travel Policy (1.17)
Process for Requests and Approvals of Inpatient Clinical Pharmacist Project Time (1.15)
Production and Distribution of Pharmacy Reminder Notes (1.30)
Regulatory Compliance Inspections (1.19)
Security Management Systems for Medication Storage, Preparation and Dispensing Areas for UWHC (1.29)
Storage, Handling, Security and Disposition of Medications (1.43)
Student Employee Expectations (1.8)
Use of the Pharmacy Department Credit Card – Fact Sheet (1.46)
Verification of Prescribing Privileges (1.4)