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New Employee Setup Procedure (AD-PRO-007)

New Employee Setup Procedure (AD-PRO-007) - Policies, Administrative, UWHC, Department Specific, Information Services, IS Procedures


Administrative Departmental Procedure
This department-specific Procedure applies to the operations and staff of the Information Services
Department of the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics Authority as integrated effective July 1,

Procedure Title: IS New Employee Procedure
Procedure Number: AD-PRO-007
Effective Date: 1/15/16
Chapter: NA
Version: Revision
This procedure explains the steps for onboarding a new UW Health Information Services
employee. Some steps are completed two weeks prior to the new hire’s arrival and some are
completed during the new hire’s first week. Some steps have UW Hospital and Clinics (UWHC)
and UW Medical Foundation (UWMF) specific components.

II. DEFINITIONS (optional)



All new employee setup is coordinated by the Administrative Support team, who will delegate
and coordinate tasks, as appropriate.
A. Two Weeks Prior to New Hire Start Date

1. Email Administrative Support at uwhisdepadmin@uwhealth.org with the new hire’s
name and start date so they can provision the following items:
• Name plate (provide the new hire’s correct name as they have requested it, if
• Org chart
• Floor plan
• New employee folder

2. In U-Connect, complete and submit the UW Medical Foundation: Employee Photo ID
Badge Request Form for UWMF new hire(s).

Note: No ID Badge forms are needed for UWHC employees because they receive their
badges at New Employee Orientation.

3. Request a telephone for the new hire(s):

a. In ServiceNow, click I HAVE A REQUEST.
b. Click UC/TELECOM.
c. Complete and submit the Phone and Mobile Devices Request form.
4. Request a computer and computer accessories for the new hire(s):

a. In ServiceNow, click I HAVE A REQUEST.
c. Click Hardware Request, as appropriate for the new hire.
d. Complete the Hardware Request form.

5. The new hire’s supervisor emails IS – Staff – UWH
(UWHInformationServicesStaff@uwhealth.org) announcing the new team member to all
UWH IS staff and including any pertinent details.

6. Schedule an Epic class for the new hire, if needed:

a. Visit the Epic training web site for class offerings (www.epic.com/services-
b. Request classes by contacting the IS Executive Assistant for UWHC or UWMF,
as appropriate.

7. Request systems access for the new hire(s):

a. In ServiceNow, click I HAVE A REQUEST.
c. Select the appropriate User Computer Access form, as appropriate for the new
d. Complete the Access Request form.
e. Repeat Step 7 for all necessary access.

B. During New Employee’s First Week

1. The new employee’s direct supervisor reviews the following documents with the new
hire(s) (available at workspaces.uconnect.wisc.edu/display/uwhis):
• UW Health Information Services Employee Handbook
• Change Review and Management Policy (AD-POL-002)
• Relevant IS Policies and Procedures

2. Request building security for the new hire(s). A new hire’s employee and proxy ID are
required to gain access to the building.
• AOB security is granted by the UWMF Administrative Analyst.
• Excelsior security is granted by the UWHC Executive Assistant.

3. Give the new hire(s) a tour of the building(s), including the following:
• Pull station(s)/fire extinguishers
• Emergency exits
• Tornado safe zones
• Peanut- and fragrance-free areas
• Kitchen(s)
• Printers/fax machines/copiers
• Team areas
• Mailboxes
• Parking pass for the CSC
• Supply room(s)
• Conference rooms

4. Give the new hire(s) a tour of the U-Connect website, including the following:
• Paging/web paging/on call schedule.
• Paging and messaging number (608-262-2122).
• PeopleSoft Self Service.
• Training classes offered at UW Health, specific to UWMF or UWHC hires.

5. Explain the folder structure to the new hire(s), including the following:
• U:\UWHealth\HLDoc (Health Link)
• U:\UWHealth\IS

6. Provide the new hire(s) with the U-Connect location of the UW Health IS workspace,
including the following:
• UW Health Information Services (workspaces.uconnect.wisc.edu/display/uwhis)
• UW Health IS Project Management Office

7. Set up the Jabber messaging system for new hire(s).

8. Set up Outlook for the new hire(s):
• Team permissions
• Team phone list
• Global and team distribution list(s)

9. Review the portal locations for Citrix for UWMF (ag.uwmf.wisc.edu/vpn) or UWHC
(citrix.uwhealth.org/vpn), as appropriate.

10. Review web mail (webmail.uwhealth.org) access with the new hire(s).

V. FORMS (optional)
Phone and Mobile Devices Request Form (in ServiceNow)

VI. REFERENCES (optional)
Information Services Consultant Hiring Procedure (AD-PRO-008)


Sr. Management Sponsor: UW Health IS CTO
Author: UW Health IS Project Management Director
Reviewer(s): UW Health IS Directors

Approval Committee: UW Health Internal Auditor

UW Health CIO

Revision Detail:

Effective Date Next Review Summary of Changes Change Authors
1/15/2016 1/15/2017 Annual review/revision. S. Schroeder, E. Bakkum
07/21/2014 07/21/2015 Original release. S. Schroeder, J. Leonard