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Credit Card Use (AD-POL-004)

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Title: UW Health IS Credit Card Use


To establish guidelines for obtaining and using the UW Health corporate credit cards
assigned to the Information Services Department (IS), as well as the use of personal
credit cards to purchase goods and services. This policy does not include credit card
use for business travel (please see company travel policies). Any credit card uses not
covered under this policy will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the Office of the
Chief Information Officer (OCIO).


The CIO is ultimately responsible for the transactions posted to the card. The credit limit
for the IS credit cards are $6,000.00 for the HC card and $5000.00 for the MF card.
The credit card should only be used for official UW Health business. The credit card
shall be used to purchase items that cannot be purchased through the Purchasing
Department, Storeroom or in emergencies.
The credit card must not be used for purchasing capital equipment.
The credit card will be authorized for the following purposes within IS:
1. Employee training for which the only payment is via credit card.
2. Flowers for employee, immediate family life events.
3. Catering for business meetings as authorized by the OCIO.
4. Minor equipment, routine supplies, subscriptions, registrations, etc., when the
items cannot be purchased through the UW Health Storeroom, Purchasing or in
Authorized use of UW Health credit cards shall be limited to the person named on the
face of the credit card, or staff specifically authorized by UW Health to use the card. UW
credit cards shall not be loaned to other individuals unless approved by the OCIO.
Intentional misuse or fraudulent abuse of any UW Health credit card may result in
disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal. In addition, the authorized holder of
the UW Health credit card shall promptly reimburse UW Health for any unacceptable
purchases. A UW Health credit card CANNOT be used for cash advances.

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If an employee uses a personal credit card to make a business purchase that cannot be
obtained through the UW Health Storeroom or Purchasing, the order form or invoice,
along with a packing slip (for goods received) and the original credit card receipt should
be submitted for processing. All reimbursement requests must be coded and approved
by the employee’s supervisor. Reimbursement cannot be made from the credit card
statement. Only original itemized invoices or receipts may be submitted for
reimbursement. The reimbursement must be made to the employee and not the credit
card company.
The IS Department will be liable for all authorized charges made by its employees using
the UW Health credit cards. UW Health does not accept liability for the following:
ξ Unauthorized use of UW Health’s credit cards,
ξ Account numbers that are fraudulently used, or
ξ Purchases made with stolen or lost cards that are beyond the maximum limit of
$50 and the maximum length of liability of 24 hours after discovery and reporting of
card loss or theft.
UW Health corporate credit card statements are received and reviewed by the Accounts
Payable Department. Accounts Payable/Fiscal will request payment verification from IS
for any line items without detailed, coded, and approved credit card slips
The IS Department shall provide a copy of this policy to each employee receiving a
credit card and require the employee to acknowledge receipt of the policy.
UW Health IS Department is responsible for maintaining adequate documentation
supporting all credit card purchases. Documentation shall support the business purpose
of all transactions made and shall include the following items:
ξ Copies of order forms, when available
ξ Packing slips (for goods received)
ξ Original cashier receipts or vendor invoices (not just the copy with the signature)
ξ Credit Card Disbursement logs, when available
Internal Audit shall be responsible for auditing the IS Department’s records to ensure
that the UW Health credit cards are used only by authorized users for official UW Health
The credit card is secured in a locked box with a numeric password. Only administrative
support staff that has been approved by the CIO will be given the password.
The IS Department will be responsible for immediately and properly reporting lost or
stolen UW Health credit cards. All UW Health credit cards shall be returned to
administrative staff upon request or upon termination of employment (including
The Finance Director has the right to place any cardholder’s account “on hold” or cancel
any credit card without warning, should the cardholder fail to abide by any of the above
listed items or for any other misuse of this privilege or if the credit card is deemed

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The following staff titles within Information Services are currently authorized to use the
credit card:
 CIO, CTO and CAO
 Any IS Director
 Executive Assistant to the CIO– Conf.
 Administrative Analyst
 Administrative Secretary for IS – Conf.
 Sr. Administrative Secretary for IS – Conf.

Other staff who have authorized expenses for which they need to use the credit card
must submit an approved PCF or Credit Card Purchase Form to IS Administration
Staff who will then place the order and charge to the credit card.

III. Forms

Credit Card Purchase Request Form (MF)

Purchasing Card Expense Form (HC)

Reimbursement Request Memo (HC)

Purchasing Card Request Form (HC)


UWHC 1.03 Purchasing Card Usage

MF Credit Card Use Policy


UW Health IS Credit Card Procedure AD-PRO-004

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UW Health is not a legal entity. UW Health is comprised of three separate entities. This
policy applies to facilities and programs operated by the University of Wisconsin
Hospitals and Clinics Authority and the University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation, Inc.,
and to clinical facilities and programs administered by the University of Wisconsin
School of Medicine and Public Health.

Each entity is responsible for enforcement of this policy in relation to the facilities and
programs that it operates.


The details of Coordination of UWHC, UWMF and UWSMPH are shown below. Approval
and coordination of this policy by those entities occurs per their individual processes.

UWHC Sr. Management Sponsor: Jocelyn DeWitt, VP and CIO
UWHC Author: Leroy Baker, CTO
UWHC Author: Carmen Foster, Executive Assistant
UWHC Reviewers: UWH IS Directors

UWMF Sr. Management Sponsor: Jocelyn DeWitt, VP and CIO
UWMF Author: Leroy Baker, CTO
UWMF Author: Pat Johnson, Administrative Analyst
UWMF Reviewers: UWH IS Directors

UWSMPH Approval: UW Administrative Legal Services


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