Policies,Administrative,UWHC,Department Specific

Information Services

Information Services - Policies, Administrative, UWHC, Department Specific


Health Link Policies

Business Continuity and Risk Management (AD-POL-006)
Change Review and Management (AD-POL-002)
Computer and Server Decommissioning (IN-PRO-009)
Computer Security Incident Response (SE-POL-002)
Consultant Hiring (AD-POL-008)
Credit Card Security (SE-POL-004)
Credit Card Use (AD-POL-004)
Customer Service (AD-POL- 003)
Data Center Access (IN-POL- 001)
Director On Call (AD-POL- 015)
Elevated Privileges (SE-POL-005)
IS Requisitioning (AD-PRO-016)
Monitoring Systems and the Network (IN–POL-010)
Network Equipment Management (IN-POL-004)
New Employee Setup (AD-PRO- 007)
Out of Office Request (AD-POL-010)
Policy and Procedure Development (AD-POL-001)
Problem Review (SE-POL-003)
Project Management (AD-POL- 011)
Software Development Life Cycle Policy for Cardholder Data Environment (SE-POL-007)
System Downtime (AD-POL-005)
System Maintenance and Management (IN-POL-011)
Systems Backup (IN-POL-002)
Systemwide Malware and Antivirus (IN-POL-005)
Telecommuting (AD-POL- 014)
Testing and Troubleshooting (AD-POL-017)
Time Tracking (AD-POL-012)
Vacation and Holiday Selection and Scheduling (AD-POL-013)