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CareLink Downtime (HL-020-POL)

CareLink Downtime (HL-020-POL) - Policies, Administrative, UWHC, Department Specific, Health Link


Administrative Departmental Policy
This department-specific policy applies to the operations and staff of the Information Services
Department of the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics Authority as integrated effective July 1,

Policy Title: Care Link and PlanLink Downtime
Policy Number: HL-020-POL
Effective Date: 8/12/2016
Chapter: NA
Version: Revision

This policy describes the notification process when the Care Link and/or PlanLink web servers
are unavailable during a scheduled maintenance or an unplanned server downtime.

II. DEFINITIONS (optional)
Health Link: The trademarked name for the Epic Systems integrated health record and business
Service Now: UW Health’s issue/call logging application.
Care Link: Epic’s web-based application that allows affiliate providers and other authorized
individuals to access UW Health Link patient information. As in Health Link, the information is
viewed through Chart Review, and providers can be alerted to patient ED admissions, hospital
stays, and test results through Event Notifications delivered to the In Basket. Care Link can also
be used for Release of Information (ROI) through the HIM department.
PlanLink: Epic’s web-based application that allows providers and payer organizations to submit
referrals, receive approval notifications, and review the status of claims.
MyUnity: Portal through which Unity end users access PlanLink.

This policy applies to the following:
• UW Health Care Link Business Systems Analysts
• UW Health Care Link Supervisor
• UW Health (HIE) Health Information Exchange Operations Coordinators
• UW Health (HIE) Health Information Exchange Supervisor
• Unity PlanLink Analysts and Manager
• UW Health Link Technical Team
• Community Connect Partners

Scheduled Downtime

Regular maintenance is scheduled for the third Thursday of the month for Health Link. The

scheduled system maintenance downtime for Care Link is between 2:00 AM and 4:00 AM.
During this time, users cannot access Care Link.

During a scheduled downtime, an automatic outage/downtime screen displays. When the servers
are back online, the display screen reverts to the Care Link (or PlanLink) homepage.

The server team ensures the Care Link/PlanLink web servers are functioning when the Health
Link servers are back online.

Unplanned Downtime
Care Link business systems analyst notifies Unity PL, other UW Health individuals involved with
Care Link sites and HIE staff who will contact UW Care Link Site Coordinators.

The following procedures support this policy:

Care Link and PlanLink Downtime Procedure (HL-PRO-020)

V. FORMS (optional)

VI. REFERENCES (optional)
UW Health IS System Downtime Policy (AD-POL-005)
UW Health IS System Downtime Procedure (AD-PRO-005)
Health Link Emergency or Canceled PRD Downtime Policy (HL-019-POL)
Health Link Emergency or Canceled PRD Downtime Procedure (HL-019-PRO)
UW Health IS Change Review and Management Policy (AD-POL-002)
UW Health IS Change Review and Management Procedure (AD-PRO-002)


Sr. Management Sponsor: UW Health IS CIO
Author: Project Management Office
Reviewer(s): Project Management Office, IS Director – Infrastructure

Approval Committee: IS Health Link Technical Leaders

UW Health CIO


Effective Date Next Review Summary of Changes Change Authors
8/12/2016 8/12/2017 Annual review/revision. R. Fenstermann
10/31/2014 10/31/2015 Initial release. R. Fenstermann, J. Leonard