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SuperUser SmartTools Access Procedure (HL-021-PRO)

SuperUser SmartTools Access Procedure (HL-021-PRO) - Policies, Administrative, UWHC, Department Specific, Health Link, Health Link Procedures


Administrative Departmental Procedure
This department-specific procedure applies to the operations and staff of the Information Services
Department of the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics Authority as integrated effective July 1,

Procedure Title: SuperUser SmartTools Access
Procedure Number: HL-021-PRO
Effective Date: April 7, 2016
Chapter: NA
Version: Revision

This procedure describes the procedures for designated super-users to produce limited
SmartTools for eventual use in the Health Link Production environment.

II. DEFINITIONS (optional)

This procedure supports the following policy:

SuperUser SmartTools Access Policy (HL-021-POL)


1. SUs are identified by department directors and a request is made to grant them access to build
2. Training is scheduled and conducted by a member of the appropriate IS Health Link team.
3. A request for the additional security and environment access is submitted by the IS Health
Link team. The SU is informed when the security and access are granted. The SU may then
proceed with the build in INT.
4. The SU produces SmartText, SmartLists, and SmartPhrases consistent with the requirements
outlined in the Health Link Style Guide. All products must be released. SmartText must be
limited to both the functional type of 1 – MR Charting and 800 – IP Charting. No other limit
use by parameters are to be set.
a. The SU notes the date the SmartTool is ready for HIM approval in the additional
notes section of the SmartTool builder.
b. The SU provides the name and ID of the SmartTool to be reviewed and other
clarifying comments via a Service Now request.
c. HIM reviews the SmartTool:
i. If approved, HIM documents the date in the additional notes section of
the SmartTool builder and notifies the SU and the IS Health Link team
ii. If not approved, HIM contacts the SU with suggestions, edits, or

clarifying comments.
d. The IS Health Link team member reviews the product for technical accuracy and
i. If approved, the IS Health Link team member documents the Service
Now Change Record number in the additional notes section of the
SmartTool builder.
ii. If not approved, the IS Health Link team member contacts the SU with
comments and/or suggestions.
5. After HIM and Health Link approvals have been obtained, the SmartTool is moved to PRD
by the IS Health Link team member based upon an agreed upon date.

V. FORMS (optional)

VI. REFERENCES (optional)


Sr. Management Sponsor: UW Health CIO
Author: Project Management Office
Reviewer(s): Project Management Office; IS Director - Infrastructure

Approval Committee: Health Link Technical Leaders

UW Health CIO

Revision Detail:

Effective Date Next Review Summary of Changes Change Authors
4/07/2016 4/072017 Annual review/revision.
J. Bunton, K. Werla, J. Leonard, E.
10/9/2014 10/9/2015 Initial release. J. Bunton, K. Werla, J. Leonard