Policies,Administrative,UWHC,Department Specific

Graduate Medical Education (GME)

Graduate Medical Education (GME) - Policies, Administrative, UWHC, Department Specific

Academic Improvement and Corrective Action (43.2)
Annual Institutional Review (AIR) (43.3)
Appeals of Resident Corrective Actions (43.4)
Appointment Information for Residents and Fellows in Graduate Medical Education Programs (43.24)
Evaluation of Residents and Faculty (43.7)
GME Disaster Management (43.5)
Graduate Medical Education Institutional Commitment Statement (43.26)
Gradute Medical Education Committee Charge (43.25)
Impaired Residents: A Summary of Key Policies and Procedures (43.9)
Program Closure or Reduction (43.12)
Promotion of Residents (43.13)
Recruitment and Selection of Residents and Fellows (43.16)
Resident Absences and Leaves (43.1)
Resident Grievances Related to Employment Concerns (43.8)
Resident Off-site Elective Rotations (43.15)
Resident Position Requests for New and Existing Programs (43.11)
Resident Use of Legal Name, Name Changes, and Credentials (43.23)
Restrictive Covenant Prohibition (43.17)
Standardization, Security and Retention of Resident Files (43.14)
Stipend Administration for GME Trainees (43.18)
Supervision of Residents (43.19)
Training and Certification for Central Vascular Access Devices ("CVADs") (43.20)
Transitions of Care / Handoff Policy (43.22)
Work Hours and Moonlighting (43.27)