Policies,Administrative,UWHC,Department Specific

Facilities & Engineering Services

Facilities & Engineering Services - Policies, Administrative, UWHC, Department Specific

Annual Employee Orientation (F&E.10.10.01)
Attendance and Punctuality (F&E.10.10.02)
Development and Revision of Facilities and Engineering Services Policies (F&E.01.01.01)
Domestic Hot Water Standards (F&E.07.30.05)
Emergency Power Systems (EC.02.05.03)
Facilities & Engineering Biological (Pandemic) Event Procedure (F&E.04.10.11)
Facilities & Engineering Evacuation Policy (F&E.04.10.06)
Facilities & Engineering Medical Surge/Code White Plan (F&E.04.10.01)
Facilities & Engineering Services Safety Equipment (F&E.01.10.02)
Facilities & Engineering Services Snow Emergency Policy (F&E.04.10.05)
Facilities & Engineering Services “Code Pink” Plan for Infant/Child Abduction (F&E.04.10.08)
Fire Barrier Inspection and Maintenance (F&E.05.20.01)
Hazardous Substances Emergency (F&E.04.10.07)
Infection Control Policy (F&E.03.10.03)
Installing and Maintaining Appropriate Pressure Relationships (EC.02.05.01 EP6)
Interstitial Space Precautions (F&E.01.10.04)
Maintaining the Facilities & Engineering Services Logbook (F&E.01.10.06)
Mapping the Distribution of Utility Systems and Controls (EC.02.05.01 EP7,8)
Mercury-Containing Products Safety Plan (F&E.03.10.06)
Noise and Fume Precautions During Remodeling or Service Work (F&E.05.50.03)
Performance Evaluation and Work Planning (F&E.10.10.09)
Periodic Inspection and Preventative Maintenance of Electrical Distribution System (F&E.07.40.02)
Periodic Inspection of Line-Powered Equipment (F&E.06.20.08)
Pneumatic Tube System Cleanout Procedure (F&E.07.30.06)
Protecting PHI During Maintenance and Repairs (F&E.02.10.04)
Radioactive Material Safety Plan (F&E.03.10.02)
Scheduling of Facilities & Engineering Services Meetings (F&E.01.01.02)
Specifications for Extension Cords (F&E.07.40.01)
Testing and Installation of Medical Gas and Vacuum Pipeline Systems (EC.02.05.09 EP1-3)
Testing Battery-Powered Exits Signs & Egress Lights (EC.02.05.07)
Utility Equipment Management System (EC.02.05.01 EP2-4 EC.02.05.05 EP1, 3-5)
Utility Systems Failure Reporting (F&E.07.10.02)