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Guidelines for Participation in Off-Site Continuing Education Activities (1.5)

Guidelines for Participation in Off-Site Continuing Education Activities (1.5) - Policies, Administrative, UWHC, Department Specific, Culinary Services, Administration



Effective Date:
August 6, 2013
Revision Date:
September 4, 2015

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Guidelines for Participation in Off-Site
Continuing Education Activities

A. To provide guidelines for approval and support of all clinical nutrition employees'
participation in off-site educational activities. Continuing education is highly valued at
UWHC. It is a shared responsibility between the organization and the health care
professionals employed. UWHC has the responsibility to educate staff regarding the
knowledge and skills required by specific organizational roles and positions. Individual
health professionals are also responsible for pursuing their own professional growth.
Within resource constraints, UWHC supports both efforts, by supporting attendance at
conferences both internal and external to UWHC. The goal is to maximize the value
obtainable from the available funds. When staff attends a conference with financial
support from UWHC, they are expected to disseminate the information learned to
others in the department.
A. Off-site educational travel usually fits within the following categories:
1. Administrative travel for start-up of new programs or major change in programs.
2. Continuing education to increase knowledge or skills. This may also include
annual conferences of organizations which have educational components.
Funding support will vary and is generally greater if the employee is orally
presenting at the conference.
B. Prior approval is required for paid time or funding in all cases, without exception.
C. Funding is limited. Preference is given to funding travel and attendance at regional and
national conferences which support the goals of UWHC and Clinical Nutrition Services.
D. Approval of each request is based on considerations such as:
1. Degree to which the information will help the person in his/her job performance.
2. Currency and significance of the information, ie, whether it is on the cutting edge
of health care.
3. Consistency with department educational needs assessment.


4. Consistency with the requesting staff person's area of practice.
5. Availability of in-house programs on the topic should be investigated before off-
site approval is granted.
6. Relationship of the cost to the total value and conference quality. Conferences
need to be sponsored by a recognized organization with appropriate credentials,
accreditation and continuing education units (CEUs).
7. Employees must have met the previous dissemination of conference information
standard in order to be eligible for future funding.
E. Financial support is based on the following:
1. Department funding for education is allocated after Clinical Nutrition
management complete the annual educational needs assessment.
2. Conferences of shared interest with another UWHC Department should be
funded jointly.
3. Employees may receive one day's pay (eight hours) up to a maximum of three
days per year per person to attend externally sponsored conferences.
4. Consideration should be given to the number and type of externally sponsored
and institutionally funded conferences the employee has attended in the past 3
5. Travel expenses shall be reimbursed with advanced approval and in accordance
with Administrative Policy 1.14 - Travel Policy and at the discretion of the Vice
In-service/Continuing Education Attendance Record
Request for Business Travel/Education Approval
Reimbursement – Travel Expense Report

A. To request support for off-site education, complete Request for Education/Travel form
and submit to the manager or director
B. The requests will be reviewed by the manager or director. For those requests approved,
the Education/Travel request form, along with the program brochure, is to be submitted
to the Administrative Assistant for processing of the appropriate forms.
C. Appropriate forms must be submitted at least six (6) weeks in advance of the
program/travel date in order to receive prepayment of fees by UWHC.
D. When payment for an approved off-site program cannot be made in advance by UWHC,
the employee will receive the approved level of reimbursement only after all
appropriate documentation is submitted to the Administrative Assistant.
Reimbursement claims must be based on actual individual expenses incurred. (ie shared
hotel room expenses need to be split and individual receipts obtained at time of hotel


check out). Reimbursement claims made after the fiscal year-end (June 30th) cut-off
date will not be honored and reimbursement to the employee will not be made.
E. Clinical Nutrition management is responsible for maintaining monthly records that show
all expenditures and future commitments for expense classifications 951, 952, 953, and
954 (travel and education related expense classes), organized by cost center.
F. Clinical Nutrition management track and summarize educational funding via travel
request forms, and send a quarterly report to the Nursing Financial Officer for creation
of an annual summary of clinical nutrition department travel/education expenditures.
A. Process for education travel budget development.
1. Clinical Nutrition management should be alerted when multiple conference
requests arise from a variety of program areas for the same conference. This
may indicate the need for an on-site program.
2. Annually:
a. Clinical Nutrition management in conjunction with staff will complete an
annual educational needs assessment of their program areas and identify
national conferences which may require higher funding than local
offerings. This information is compiled an annual calendar of in house
and national conferences id developed.
b. Clinical Nutrition management make budget requests for the next fiscal
Accreditation Manual for Hospitals, TJC
Conditions of Participation, CMS
Commission on Dietetic Registration
State of Wisconsin Regulations and Licensure
Professional Associations
UWHC Administrative Travel Policy 1.14


Sr. Management Sponsor: Chief Nursing Officer and Sr. Vice President Nursing and Patient Care
Author: Director Clinical Nutrition Services
Review/Committee(s): Fiscal

Director, Culinary and Clinical Nutrition Services


Associate Chief Nursing Officer and VP Development, Nursing & Patient Care Services