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Admission Requirements (6.07)

Admission Requirements (6.07) - Policies, Administrative, UWHC, Department Specific, Clinical Nutrition, Dietetic Internship


6.07 Admission Requirements

Effective Date: 4/13 Date Revised or Reviewed: 7/2016

To specify admission requirements for interns.


Dietetic Interns must meet the following admission requirements before they will be formally
admitted to the program.

A. Students admitted to the Capstone Certificate Program in Clinical Nutrition will be enrolled
as University Special students. Students will complete the online application through the
Division of Continuing Studies at: http://www.dcs.wisc.edu/info/univspec.htm.
B. Applicants will submit the application materials listed below to the Department of
Nutritional Sciences:
a. One complete set of official transcripts. This should be from all institutions
attended, including UW-Madison. Bachelor’s degree must be posted on the
b. Reasons for post-baccalaureate preparation.
c. Resume of Curriculum vitae
C. Admission criteria for admission to the Capstone Certificate in Clinical Nutrition – Dietetic
Internship :
a. To apply to the Dietetic Internship, individuals must complete at least a bachelor’s
degree and ACEND-accredited coursework requirements (Didactic Program in
Dietetics) from an accredited college or university.
b. Minimum Cumulative GPA ≥ 2.8 (on a 4.0 scale)
c. The individual must have taken the GREs, the graduate record examinations.
d. UW HEALTH uses the national online Dietetic Internship Computerized Application
System, DICAS. An application is submitted through DICAS at
https:/portal.dicas.org, and are due February 15
for the spring match process. UW
HEALTH accepts applications for the Spring match only.
e. As part of the centralized process, minimally, the following is submitted:
i. A Verification Statement for an ACEND-accredited DPD program within the
last three years.
ii. A personal statement.
iii. Three references.
D. All dietetic internship applicants must participate in computer matching. To do this,
students register and submit all the internship programs they plan to apply to D&D Digital
Systems, http://www.dnddigital.com by February 15 for the spring match. D%D charges
students a fee for the computer matching process.
E. Matched interns must apply for a dietetic intern position through the UW HEALTH Human
Resource Recruitment Department. Dietetic interns must meet the following requirements
before they will be formally admitted to the program:
a. Applicant must be either a citizen of the United States or be able to maintain work
authorization throughout the internship while at UW HEALTH. The UW HEALTH

does not offer visa sponsorship to candidates for the Dietetic Internship program.
b. Interns must meet UW Hospital and Clinics employment requirements, the Joint
Commission, and off-site, agreement-facility requirements, including:
c. Physical Examination (UW HEALTH Employee Health Services) to include:
i. Proof of negative tuberculin test (two- step PPD) within 3 months of
ii. Proof of titers (blood tests) showing immunity to Measles, Mumps, Varicella,
and Rubella
iii. Tetanus vaccination within the last 10 years
iv. Evidence of Hepatitis B vaccination or signed waiver to decline. Hepatitis B
titer may be required from hospital practice site.
v. Drug urine screening
d. Background investigation upon acceptance into the program
e. Health insurance
i. Interns are responsible for securing their own health insurance. Proof of
health insurance is required prior to the program start. Health Insurance is
available to all UW-Madison students.
f. Finger printing may be required, as requested by affiliation rotation sites.
F. All fees associated with the application process is the responsibility of the individual
applying to the program.
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics
UW-Madison Department of Continuing Studies


Karen Kritsch, PhD, RD
UW HEALTH Clinical Nutrition Manager, Outpatient Operations and Dietetic Internship


Susan Rees, DNP, RN, CPHQ, CENP