Policies,Administrative,UWHC,Department Specific,Clinical Nutrition

Dietetic Internship

Dietetic Internship - Policies, Administrative, UWHC, Department Specific, Clinical Nutrition

Adherence to Policy and Procedures (6.04)
Admission Requirements (6.07)
Assessment of Intern Learning and Performance (6.03)
Assessment of Prior Learning (6.08)
Dietetic Intern Access to Support Services (6.17)
Dietetic Internship Liability Insurance Requirements (6.15)
Dietetic Internship Privacy Policy (6.13)
Dietetic Internship Program Applications (6.01)
Discipline: Probation, Suspension, Termination (6.06)
Graduate Course Requirement for Dietetic Internship (6.05)
Guidelines for Travel (6.19)
Patient/Client and Employee Confidentiality (6.24)
Preceptor Orientation, Training and Evaluation (6.21)
Program Completion Requirements (6.14)
Program Cost and Budget (6.22)
Rotations, Supervised Practice and Educational Resources (6.26)
Student Records and Privacy (6.12)
Termination of Internship Experience (6.28)
UW Dietetic Internship Affiliated Agreement Process (6.27)
UWHC Dietetic Internship Grade Remediation Process (6.32)
UWHC Dietetic Internship Grievance and Complaint Process (6.09)
Work Hours and Absence Policy (6.02)
Worker’s Compensation and Liability (6.11)