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On-Call Procedure (1.7)

On-Call Procedure (1.7) - Policies, Administrative, UWHC, Department Specific, Clinical Nutrition, Administrative



Effective Date:
December 15, 2011
Revision Date:
September 4, 2015

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On Call Procedure


To establish guidelines for clinical nutrition after hours weekday, weekends and

A. On-call – A period of time an employee is required to remain available to report
for work. The employee is not confined to a specific location, but must be
reachable and available to report to work within an agreed upon period of time.
B. Nutrition Support Team (NST) – Being a member of NST includes a weekend
coverage rotation. Employees are to be available until 9:00 pm on Saturday and
Sunday. The employee will be on-call from the time their day shifts ends until
9:00 pm.
C. Keto Admissions – The ketogenic diet is a therapy used mainly in the pediatric
population to manage seizures by altering the diet, so the patient goes into
ketosis. Providing additional glucose via intravenous fluids or medications during
a hospital admission can cause further complications to the patient if other
macronutrients are not adjusted accordingly. When a patient is admitted and is
on the ketogenic diet, a Clinical Nutritionist or Registered Dietitian will be on-call
to provide recommendations for provision and management of glucose
D. Registered Dietitians – hourly, non-represented employees.
E. Clinical Nutritionists – salaried, non-represented employees.


A. Clinical nutrition provides inpatient professional coverage from 8:00 am – 5:00
pm on Monday-Friday, weekends and holidays, Outpatient professional coverage
is provided at a variety of designated clinics throughout the organization. Staff
performs clinical duties while on-site and will respond by telephone or in person
for nutrition related issues from physicians and other members of the health
care team.
B. Members of the NST will be on-call from the time the day shift ends until 9:00
pm. Employees will be available by pager and will be able to return pages via
phone and will be able to access Health Link remotely if needed.


C. Clinical Nutritionists or Registered Dietitians on-call for a keto admission will be
on-call from 5:00 pm to 8:00 am the following morning.
D. Differential Pay will be provided according to UWHC Administrative Policy 9.78
Non-Exempt Staff Differential and On-Call/Call Back Pay.


Work Schedules
After Hours Clinical Nutrition
Clinical Nutrition Workspace
Clinical Nutrition On-call Log

1. Clinical Nutritionists, Registered Dietitians, and Nutrition Technicians are onsite
from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. weekdays, weekends and holidays.
2. The clinical nutritionist is to be accessible via pager or cell phone and can be
contacted through the paging operator at designated times. To view unit and
clinic work schedules please refer to Clinical Nutrition Workspace >>Schedules.
3. For weekend coverage please call 265-0202 or check the Clinical Nutrition on-call
schedule in U Connect.
4. Problems encountered while outside of the designated work schedule please
refer to the After Hours document.
5. For emergency needs please call Director of Clinical Nutrition at 608-438-4979.
6. Employees will be required to complete and turn in a Clinical Nutrition On-call
log for each pay period they are on-call for NST or keto admissions.


Health Link Electronic Medical Record – Clinical Documentation
CBORD Card File


Sr. Management Sponsor: Director Clinical Nutrition Services
Author: Inpatient Staff Clinical Nutrition Services
Review/Committee(s): Clinical Nutrition Services Staff, Message Center, Culinary
Services Staff



Director, Culinary and Clinical Nutrition Services

Associate Chief Nursing Officer and VP Development, Nursing & Patient Care Services