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Clinical Nutrition and UWHC Paging System (1.6)

Clinical Nutrition and UWHC Paging System (1.6) - Policies, Administrative, UWHC, Department Specific, Clinical Nutrition, Administrative



Effective Date:
August 6, 2013
Revision Date:
September 4, 2015

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Clinical Nutrition and UWHC Paging System


To establish guidelines for the use of pocket pagers and overhead paging.


Clinical Nutrition staff (clinical nutritionists, clinical dietitians, nutrition technicians,
dietetic interns, and other staff as assigned) is provided pocket pagers to facilitate
communication with the multidisciplinary patient care team and department
management. All Inpatient Clinical staff and designated Outpatient staff are assigned
pagers. Staff may be overhead paged and/or may initiate an overhead page only after
calls to the individual's office, work area and/or pager have proved unsuccessful and it is
absolutely necessary to contact the individual at that time.


Clinical Nutrition Services Paging Directory
Message Center


A. A pocket pager (with a transmit radius of 7½ miles) will be assigned and carried
1. The clinical nutritionists, dietitians, and nutrition technicians;
2. The dietetic interns; and
3. The Director and Manager of Clinical Nutrition Services
B. Each new employee will be provided a pager. If the pager is lost or stolen, the
employee is financially responsible for purchasing a replacement pager. If the
pager malfunctions or no longer works properly, Clinical Nutrition Services will
provide a replacement pager.


C. The batteries will be changed as appropriate (approximately every thirty days) in
the battery pager. If during this time the batteries should go dead, take the
pocket pager to Department Office F4/120 and ask for new batteries.
D. To initiate a pocket page for personnel who are carrying a pocket pager:
1. To Complete a Page:
1. Consult pager directory to obtain individual's I.D. number.
2. Dial 5-7000 or 265-7000 if outside of the Centrex system.
3. The system will prompt: "Enter ID number to page."
4. Enter the pager ID number of the person you wish to page. The
system will confirm the name or pager number of the person you
are paging and their current status.
5. The system will prompt: "Please enter your callback number
followed by the # sign. If you wish to place a voice page, press
'**#' and you will hear the voice prompt, 'Speak now'."
6. Enter your callback number or speak your message and press
#. System will confirm page being placed.
2. To change Status or Retrieve Message:
1. Dial 5-7001 or 265-7001 if outside the Centrex system.
2. System prompts: "Dial your ID number."
3. System prompts: Hello (name or ID) and provides your current
status. Either enter your new status now or press # to retrieve
4. To change status, enter new status number then hang up or stay
on the line to review messages.
3. Status Options:
1. Available on pager.
2. Unavailable on pager.
3. Reachable at (phone number).
4. Calls being taken by (covering person's name or ID).
5. Unavailable, messages being stored.
6. Available by overhead paging. Call 2-0143 to page.
7. Available at the VA Hospital.
8. Repeats choices.
E. Clinical Nutrition Dietitian Availability via the Paging System (inpatient only):
1. Dietitians are expected to available via pager from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm,
Monday-Friday with the exception of legal holidays.
2. Dietitians assigned to work the weekend of observed legal holiday are
expected to available via pager from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm.
3. Dietitians that have designated units are required to assign pager
coverage during an absence for a scheduled day off, sick leave, or
working a partial day (i.e. leaving early for a doctor’s appointment).
4. It is the responsibility of the staff member to identify another dietitian to
cover their pager and change the status to “calls being taken.” If working


a partial day, the staff member may choose to cover their own pager for
the duration of the shift from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm.
1. Log into the pager system.
2. Select change paging status.
3. Using the dropdown menu, select calls being taken.
4. Enter pager ID of the dietitian that will be taking calls.
F. To contact a person who does not carry a pocket pager:
A. Call the message center operator (2-0143) and ask him/her to overhead
page the person you are trying to contact.
B. To receive an overhead page, dial 2-2122 and ask to receive the message
or number.


Equipment Operating Manual


Sr. Management Sponsor: Director Clinical Nutrition Services
Author: Clinical Nutritionist
Reviewer/Committee(s): Message Center


Director, Culinary and Clinical Nutrition Services

Associate Chief Nursing Officer and VP Development, Nursing & Patient Care Services