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Appointment Change/Cancellation - Ambulatory Services General (3.04)

Appointment Change/Cancellation - Ambulatory Services General (3.04) - Policies, Administrative, UWHC, Department Specific, Ambulatory, Appointments


Policy 3.04 Appointment Change/ Cancellation- Ambulatory Services

UWHC Departmental Policy

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Effective Date:

January 28, 2015






Appointments (Ambulatory)


This policy provides guidelines for cancelling or changing a patient’s appointment using the
correct scheduling function (‘change’ function vs. ‘cancel/reschedule’ function) in line
with Operational Service Standards. Consistent use of appointment and template
cancellations allow consistent reporting analysis, billing and patient communication across
the UW Health Ambulatory sites using Cadence functionality.


Staff who schedule will use the Cancel/Reschedule function to cancel or move an
appointment due to a patient, physician/provider, or clinic initiated request. The
appropriate cancellation reason (from list below) will be selected based on who is initiating
the cancellation and based on the time in which the notification was received in relation to
the appointment time.


All cancellation reasons may not be appropriate for all location and staff will need to
select the specific reason that is appropriate.
A. Patient Initiated Reasons
1. Patient Cancel (51): Patient cancels the appointment more than 24
hours prior to the scheduled appointment time.
2. Patient Cancel less than 24 hours (56): Patient cancels the
appointment less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment
time. (e.g. “Late Cancel”).
3. Web MyChart Patient Cancel (55): Automatically applied by the
system when a patient cancels his/her own appointment through
MyChart. This cancellation reason should NOT be manually selected.
B. Clinic/Department Initiated Reasons
1. Patient/Provider Resource mismatch (62): Patient scheduled,
however, another provider was more clinically appropriate (e.g.
Scheduled with comprehensive ophthalmology but need to be seen by
glaucoma subspecialty based on review of patient history).
2. Patient/ Coverage mismatch (66): Patient scheduled, however:
a. Insurance referral states only a specific provider has been
approved and appointment needs to be cancelled and

rescheduled with appropriate provider.
b. Referral for UW Health was denied.
3. Department Directed Teaching/Staffing (63): Provider cancels
appointment due to a departmental directive which requires the
provider to be available for other activities during that appointment
time (e.g. direction to teach a class on short notice, direction to cover
call or inpatient responsibility in place of another provider or research
4. Equipment Related Cancel (64): Appointment cancelled due to
either equipment malfunction or lack of sufficient necessary
equipment to complete clinical care (e.g. non-functioning laser).
5. Administrative Cancel (53): Administration cancels the appointment
due to incorrect patient being billed, department directed change in
template, re-allocation or departure from UW Health of
physician/provider resources, facility issues, weather or other related
issues blocking time for patient activity when it would normally be
6. Rescheduled to An Earlier Date (60): Appointment is rescheduled
for patient to be seen at an earlier date and the original appointment is
canceled. (Note: this reason does not apply to appointments
scheduled from the wait list. The wait list generates its own
cancellation reason.)
7. Provider Delay-Patient not roomed (UWHC only) (59): Patient
leaves clinic after checking in but before being roomed due to delays
in clinic. Allows for differentiation between patients who arrive for
appointments and leave the clinic prior to rooming due to clinic delay
and patients who are roomed and then ‘left without being seen.”
8. Clinic/Provider Cancel – Appointment no longer needed (65):
Provider cancels appointment that is no longer clinically necessary
(e.g. phone call follow-up, condition or treatment plan changes).
C. Provider Initiated Reasons
1. Provider Cancel (52): Provider initiated the appointment cancellation
more than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time.
2. Provider Cancel within 24 Hours (57): Provider initiated the
appointment cancellation less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled
appointment time.
D. Other non-Clinic/Provider Initiated Reasons
1. Testing system (Utilized by IS Department only) (41): Cancellation
is initiated in consultation with IS when checking or testing the
production system.
2. Radiology Visit Type (UWHC Only) (61): Schedulers should use this
reason when a radiology visit needs to be cancelled because the visit
matches an older order and a new visit is needed to match a new or
changed order due to established protocol.

NOTE: A cancellation reason is mandatory for all appointment cancellations. A comment

field is available for appropriate staff to use if department guidelines require more
information as to why appointments are cancelled. (Example of Provider Cancellation
comment: provider late cancel, provider vacation, urgent family issue, provider
illness. Example of Patient Cancellation comment: feeling better, patient late cancel,
insurance change, missing referral, etc.)

NOTE: Any notification prior to appointment start time is considered a cancellation (or late
cancellation if within 24 hours of appointment time). It should not be considered or marked
as a No Show.


Ambulatory Policy 3.02 – No Show – Ambulatory Adult


Systems Analyst, Clinics Administration
Health Link Operations
Program Director, UWHC Clinics Administration
Sr. Decision Support Analyst (UWMF)
Finance Decision Support Staff


Ambulatory Policy and Procedure Committee
Clinics Administration


Karen Leimkuehler, RN, MS, Clinic Operations Director