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8501 Excelsior Visitor Policy (20 EX 8501)

8501 Excelsior Visitor Policy (20 EX 8501) - Policies, Administrative, UWHC, Department Specific, 8501 Excelsior Building

20 EX 8501


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04/13, REV 2/16

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Title: 8501 Excelsior Visitor Policy


To establish guidelines for a safe and secure building for all patient information and occupants
in the UW Health Office Building at 8501 Excelsior Drive.


Every employee in the UW Health Office Building must wear and display a UW Health ID
badge at all times.

The UW Health Office Building is located at 8501 Excelsior Drive. Building hours are 8:00
am – 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Access at all other times is via
card access only. A doorbell and intercom are located at the main employee entrance and
HIM employees are responsible for visitor access through this doorway during their
scheduled work hours (not available 24/7). HIM staff located in room 101 will be
responsible for access 8am-4:30pm, M-F, File room staff is responsible for access 6am-8am,
4:30pm-6pm, M-F. Ground floor reception staff is responsible for monitoring access
through the main entrance during normal business hours.


A. UW Health Office Building Employees
1. Employees must wear and display a UW Health ID badge at all times per UW
Health Policy 9.16.
2. Access within the building is determined according to the employee’s
department and position description. (See UW Health Office Building Security

B. Visitors
1. Please contact ground floor reception at 608-890-5308 if you are expecting a
2. A “visitor” is defined as any person who does not have access to the building
via a UW Health ID badge.
3. All visitors will sign in when arriving and will sign out when leaving at the
ground floor reception desk.
4. Ground floor reception will contact department for instructions or escort the
visitor to the correct location.
5. Visitors with a UW Health ID badge must display their ID badge at all times.
6. Visitors will be escorted by UW Health Office Building staff at all times.
7. What to do if you encounter a visitor without a badge
1. Approach the visitor and ask if you can assist them
2. All visitors must be escorted to ground floor reception to sign in and be
assigned a visitor badge. Reception will notify the department that a
visitor is waiting.
3. If you encounter a problem, contact a manager, supervisor or building

manager for assistance
4. Refer to UW Health Office Building 8501 Excelsior Emergency Quick
Response Guide for building management contact information.

C. Disruptive Situations
For a potentially threatening or harmful event due to violent behavior, call 911 for
help from Madison Police or activate the panic button if accessible. Also, contact
your supervisor and the building manager. If you are ever in doubt as to whether or
not the police should be called, call 911 and describe the situation.

AUTHOR: 8501 Excelsior Drive Management