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8501 Excelsior Tornado Policy (12.51 EX 8501)

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12.51 EX 8501


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REV 4/13

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Title: 8501 Excelsior Tornado Policy

To define the internal response of a tornado warning that is issued by the National Weather Service
or Dane County Emergency Management.
(Tornado Watch means that conditions are favorable for the development of severe thunderstorms
with the potential for tornadoes. Tornado Warning means that a tornado has been sighted or
detected on radar.)

All staff should be familiar with response procedures to ensure the safety of visitors, staff and
physical environment in the event of a tornado warning during the hours of 6 am – 86 pm, Monday -
Friday. Employees receiving an alert via their UW HealthC pager are responsible for notifying
coworkers of a tornado warning and subsequent all-clear messages.

A. The second floor File Room will monitor a weather radio and use email and the paging list (8501
Excelsior Emergency-Pager #9200) to notify all building occupants of a tornado warning. All
rooms with windows will be vacated and the doors closed when a Dane County tornado warning
is announced. The File Room will also send a page to the 8501 Excelsior Emergency paging list
once an All Clear has been issued from the weather service.
B. Responsible parties will notify their surrounding co-workers to proceed to the tornado safe zones
(TSZs), making sure to close all doors behind them as they leave a room.
C. The weather alert radio has battery back-up and should be unplugged at the time of an alert and
taken with the staff member from the second floor file room to the Research Room so as to have
internet access within a Tornado Safe Zone (TSZ). This person shall be designated to log on to a
local news channel to monitor the situation. Once the warning has been removed, they will send a
page to the paging list and an email to the building letting employees know they may return to
D. The ground floor receptionist will stand by the restrooms away from the windows to direct and
inform arriving and departing visitors or staff of the Dane County tornado warning. Guests may
leave at their own discretion. If the tornado occurs at the end of the work day employees should
use their best judgment when deciding when to leave.
E. Staff will inform arriving and departing visitors of the tornado warning. Arriving visitors will be
directed to a TSZ on the floor they are currently on. Departing visitors should be discouraged
from leaving but may leave if they so choose.
F. Staff will follow the procedure below after receiving notification of the tornado warning:
1. Check rooms in close proximity to ensure everyone is informed of the tornado warning.
2. Vacate all rooms with an outside window or skylight and close the door(s) to contain
flying glass.
3. Ensure everyone proceeds to an internal area without exterior windows. These areas are
highlighted on the evacuation floor plans as a TSZ (Tornado Safe Zone) and located on
each floor by the fire extinguishers.

4. Staff will collaborate regarding dispersion of people within a safe internal building area.
UW HealthC employees must be present in any area where visitors are sent.
5. All ACD phone lines in Release of Information and the building reception area will be put
on “make busy” or transferred to other phones for answering during the tornado warning
as determined by management staff.
G. All Clear
1. After hearing on the weather radio/internet that the Dane County tornado warning has
been canceled, the file room staff member will send a page to the 8501 Excelsior
Emergency Page List and an email to all employees that the All Clear has been declared
and it is safe to return to your work areas.
2. Staff will return to normal operations after hearing the “all clear”. Staff will direct
visitors back to the appropriate area in the building.
3. If the building is damaged due to severe weather, staff will assist everyone with an
orderly evacuation of the building when it is safe to leave.
4. 8501 Excelsior Building Manager/Designee will document the incident and send a copy
to the UW HealthC Safety Director.
H. A tornado drill will be held annually.

AUTHOR: 8501 Excelsior Drive Management

REVIEWER: UW HealthC Safety Program Director