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8501 Excelsior Evacuation Policy (12.29 EX 8501)

8501 Excelsior Evacuation Policy (12.29 EX 8501) - Policies, Administrative, UWHC, Department Specific, 8501 Excelsior Building

12.29 EX 8501


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6/07 REV 2/16

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12.29 EX

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Title: 8501 Excelsior Evacuation Policy


The purpose of the Evacuation Plan is to establish a procedure ensuring that UW Health Office
Building visitors and staff are moved out of danger as quickly and safely as possible in the event of
immediate physical threats, such as a fire.


A. Partial Evacuation

A partial evacuation may be authorized in specific situations in which the threat to
building occupants is limited to one section of the building only (e.g., a hazardous
material spill or leak effectively confined to a specific area).

B. Total Evacuation

Total evacuation is always required when a fire alarm is activated. In the absence of
an alarm, total evacuation can be ordered by a member of the UW Health Office
Building Management Team if deemed necessary (see “Notification” below). In case
of a bomb threat or fire, a total evacuation will be required.

C. Coordination

Evacuation planning and coordination is the responsibility of the UW Health Office
Building Management Team.


A. Evacuation Guidelines

1. Notification

a. Unannounced activation of the fire alarm system requires automatic
and immediate initiation of a total building evacuation (see Fire
Response, Policy & Procedure).

b. In any other disaster or emergency situation, a member of the UW
Health Office Building Management Team, will decide if a total
evacuation is necessary.

c. If a partial evacuation is required, a member of the UW Health
Office Building Management Team will ensure that all staff and
visitors in the affected area are notified to leave the area
immediately; either relocating to a safe area in the building or

d. If a total evacuation is required, the fire alarm system will be
activated as a means for building notification. Staff will proceed to
their designated evacuation rendezvous area outside the building,
taking visitors they are with or encounter while exiting with them.

2. Outside Rendezvous Areas

1. Each department in the 8501 Excelsior office building must
designate an outside rendezvous area where their employees are to
meet during an all-building evacuation.
2. All UW Health Office Building staff will report to their
predetermined outside rendezvous area. Once outside, visitors may
leave the premises if they wish, rather than proceed to a rendezvous
area, provided they do not interfere with emergency responders
(e.g., Madison Fire Department).

3. Stairwell/Elevator Use

Any personnel working on the upper floors should use the emergency exit
stairwells, not the elevator, to exit the building.

4. Return to the Building

The UW Health Office Building Management Team member in charge, after
receiving an “All Clear” from the Emergency Responders on-site (e.g., the
Madison Fire Department, Hazardous Materials Response Team or Police),
will send a page to the 8501 Excelsior Page List that the All Clear has been
declared and it is safe to return to your work areas. Normal activities can then
be resumed.

IV. AUTHOR: 8501 Excelsior Drive Management

V. REVIEWERS: UW Health Safety Program Director, UW Health Director of Security