Policies,Administrative,UWHC,Department Specific,8501 Excelsior Building

8501 Excelsior Building Security (12.02)

8501 Excelsior Building Security (12.02) - Policies, Administrative, UWHC, Department Specific, 8501 Excelsior Building


To provide guidelines for a safe and secure building for employees and visitors to the University of
Wisconsin Hospital & Clinics Office Building, 8501 Excelsior Drive.

II. FORMS: Security Access Request for UWHC Office Building

A. The main entrance will be open for Public access from 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday –
Friday. The front doors to the building automatically lock at 4:30 pm and unlock at 8:00
B. The building will be locked at all other times, including holidays with access via activated
UW Health badge only.
C. Employees will be given access to the building and their work area during predetermined
hours, via proximity card readers at the employee entrances. The employee entrances will
remain locked at all times.
D. Access for Madison Police (MPD) and UW Health Security is 24/7. MPD officers and
UW Health security officers have proximity access badges for UW Health facilities. While
on official duty, MPD and UW Health Security staff are authorized to conduct emergency
response and routine security checks in the building. Normally, police or security should
check in with the building manager or designee, if possible.
E. Access to the 2
floor file room is limited to appropriate individuals 4:30pm-8:00am on
business days and 24/7 on holidays and weekends via proximity card readers in the
F. All accessible windows and outside doors are linked to the proximity alarm system. A
proximity card door held open longer than 45 seconds or a broken window will also
summon police.
G. Panic buttons are available at the reception desks on ground and first and second floors.
Pressing this button will activate a silent alarm and will dispatch police.
• UW Health Security is responsible for coordinating monthly panic button testing with
documentation sent to Madison Police Dept.
H. Call 911 for any medical, security, or safety emergency.


Effective Date:
3/06; REV
04/13, 2/16

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Title: 8501 Excelsior Building Security

I. Access to the Building may only be granted by the building manager who is responsible for
contacting Security to activate/deactivate proximity badges.
a. Requesting Building Access
i. Request for access should be sent via email to Building Manager or designee
including the following information:
a. Employee name
b. Employee ID #
c. Employee badge E/prox #
d. Work location/department name/department cost center # and
e. Work hours, days/times and any special access required.
b. Terminating Building Access
i. UW Health office building supervisors will notify the building manager of staff
ending employment at the UW Health office building.
c. Building manager will notify security to deactivate badge.
d. Lost or Destroyed Badges (see UW Health Policy 1.30)
i. Lost badges must be reported immediately to the Excelsior building manager.
ii. The building manager will notify UW Hospital Security for deactivation of the lost
iii. Employee is responsible for obtaining a new badge.

IV. AUTHOR: 8501 Excelsior Drive Management

V. REVIEWERS: UWHC Safety Program Director
UWHC Security Director