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8501 Excelsior Refrigerator Policy (04 EX 8501)

8501 Excelsior Refrigerator Policy (04 EX 8501) - Policies, Administrative, UWHC, Department Specific, 8501 Excelsior Building

04 EX 8501


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Rev. 02/16

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Title: 8501 Excelsior Refrigerator Policy

I. Purpose
UW Health’s Office Building, located at 8501 Excelsior Drive, provides
refrigerators in the first floor break area for employees’ lunches and food items.

II. Policy
a. These refrigerators are not to be used for long-term storage of food items.
b. Any items placed in the refrigerators/freezers must be labeled with owner’s
initials and date of refrigeration/freezing (the date it is put in this refrigerator).
c. Refrigerators will be cleaned every Friday after 12:00 pm by employee volunteers.

III. Procedure
a. Items that are initialed and dated will be left in the refrigerators until the Friday
following one week from refrigerated date. (eg, if it is put in on Tuesday, March
2, it will be discarded on Friday, March 12, if it is still in the refrigerator). At that
time, the entire item will be discarded, container and all – no questions asked.
b. Items that are not labeled with initials/date will be discarded on the nearest Friday
at 12:00 pm – No questions asked. Also, both initials and date are required, not
one or the other.
c. Food items such as salad dressings, ice cream toppings, condiments, etc., should
also be labeled with owner’s initials and date. Although they will not be held to
the one-week policy, these items will be thrown out periodically, based on their
expiration date, refrigerated date and general appearance – No questions asked.
d. If an employee chooses, he/she may put various small items in a bag/lunch sack
and initial/date the bag. These will be held to the same standards.
e. Volunteer cleaners are scheduled weekly and have the final decision. The
cleaning schedule is posted on the refrigerator. If there are questions, please
contact the last cleaner or Julie Diffee, Department Administrative Assistant at
f. Volunteer cleaners will initial the schedule when cleaning is completed.
g. Volunteer cleaners have the right to make the final decision.
h. These rules apply to frozen items as well.
i. Spills should be cleaned up immediately by the person responsible for the spill.

IV. Author: 8501 Excelsior Drive Management