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8501 Excelsior Package Delivery (01 EX 8501 )

8501 Excelsior Package Delivery (01 EX 8501 ) - Policies, Administrative, UWHC, Department Specific, 8501 Excelsior Building

01 EX 8501


Effective Date:
3/06 REV 09/13
REV 2/16

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Title: Package Delivery

To ensure the safe and timely delivery of mail and packages to building occupants during
normal business hours, M-F, 8-4:30.

All mail will be sorted and made available for department pickup in the ground floor
reception area. All packages delivered to the ground floor reception desk shall be logged
and stored in a secure manner until pick up by the recipient or his/her department staff.

A. Mail will be sorted and placed in designated mail slots in ground floor mail
B. Packages received by the ground floor reception desk will be logged by the
receptionist into the delivery pickup log book as follows:
1) Date and time of receipt
2) Tracking Number, if applicable
3) Name of recipient/department
C. Packages will be placed in a locked cabinet by ground floor reception area
designated for mail delivery
1) Each area will be given a key(s) to retrieve their packages from the locked
2) Recipients of over-sized packages will be notified by ground floor
reception via a phone call. Over-sized packages will be kept at the ground
floor reception desk until pickup.
D. Each department in the UW Health Office Building is responsible for retrieving
its own mail and packages from the ground floor reception area on a daily
E. Ground floor reception will contact recipient for dock deliveries with the
expectation that the recipient will meet the driver at the loading dock to receive
F. Outgoing deliveries (Fed-X, UPS, etc.) pickups needs to be arranged by the
sender of the package by calling the company picking it up and then
communicating to ground floor reception staff that they have been called and

when pickup is. Ground floor reception will not be in-charge of arranging for
pick up.

IV. AUTHOR: 8501 Excelsior Drive Management