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Administrative (Non-Clinical) Policy
This administrative policy applies to the operations and staff of the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and
Clinics Authority as integrated effective July 1, 2015, including the legacy operations and staff of
University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics and University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation.
Policy Title: Mail Service for UW Health
Policy Number: 5.46
Effective Date: May 1, 2016
Chapter: Materials Management
Version: Revision


To establish guidelines for the accurate, efficient and timely collection and delivery of United States
Postal Service (USPS) and interdepartmental mail throughout the University Hospital (UH), American
Family Children's Hospital (AFCH), The American Center (TAC), and satellite locations (including MF
legacy locations).


These guidelines are to be followed by employees and customers of the mailrooms serving UH, AFCH,
TAC, and satellite locations.

A. Definitions:
1. United States Postal Service Mail (USPS) - Any mail or package that has been metered,
stamped, and delivered via USPS; includes first, second, third, and fourth class, bulk rate,
and non-profit rate mailings. The CSC mailroom should process only business-related
mail. Personal mail should be addressed to the employee's home address.
2. Interdepartmental Mail - Any mail with an origin and destination of UW-Madison
campus, UH, AFCH, TAC, or satellite location, using an intercampus mailing envelope.
This mail includes newspapers, flyers, booklets, pamphlets, etc.
3. Mail Code - A four-digit code (three-digit for MF legacy locations) assigned to a specific
department or unit for the purpose of identifying a specified mailbox within the
mailroom. A complete mail code listing by department can be found on U-Connect.
4. Standard Mailing Address Elements
a. USPS Mail - Name Department/Division/Unit University Hospital
Room number-mail code
600 Highland Avenue (or appropriate street address) Madison, WI 53792 (or
appropriate zip code)
b. Interdepartmental Mail - Name
Room number-mail code
5. Insufficiently Addressed Mail -Any USPS or interdepartmental mail that does not have a
sufficient number of standard address elements to identify the correct mail code.

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6. Staff & Employee Listings - Personnel databases that contain key information on
addresses. These databases are the primary employee listings used to research
insufficiently addressed mail.
B. Policy Standards:
1. The mailroom responsible for UH, AFCH, and satellite locations is located in room
G5/160 of the UH; telephone 263-7286. Customer service hours are from 7:30 am to 4:00
pm each business day. Distribution of mail will be as follows:
a. UH- Inpatient units will have their mail picked-up and delivered once each day
by mailroom personnel. Schedule information is available at the mailroom. All
other mailroom customers will pick-up and drop off their mail in G5/160.
b. AFCH - All mail and USPS packages will be delivered and picked-up by mail
room staff from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm at designated mail code locations. All
mail codes for AFCH departments and staff in the AFCH will be four characters
beginning with C.
c. Satellite locations - Outside of –the UH, Transportation will pick-up and deliver
mail on a regular schedule. Schedule information is available from
2. The mailroom responsible for TAC is room 023; telephone 440-6588. The hours are 7:00
am to 3:00 pm, Monday-Friday. TAC mailroom associates do not perform mail-runs; all
TAC associates are responsible for picking up mail in room 023.
3. The mailrooms responsible for legacy MF locations are: 1 South Park, 20 South Park, and
the Administrative Office Building (AOB) at 7974 UW Health Court, Middleton, WI.
AOB Mailroom hours are 7:45 am–4:15 pm. Monday-Friday. Mailroom hours at Park
Street are 8:00 am–4:30 pm. All interdepartmental Mail is picked up by UW Health
Couriers; see schedule on U-Connect.
4. Addresses
a. Employees are responsible for supplying an accurate business address to the
Human Resources Department (263-6500). This can be done on U-Connect.
Campus employees are responsible for ensuring that UW-Madison (Division of
Information Technology) has their accurate address (265-2257). This address
information will be updated by the employee each time the employee changes
their business address.
b. UH, AFCH, TAC, and satellite location employees are responsible for providing
the publishers of their periodicals and other mailers with their proper business
address (all standard mailing address elements and especially their mail code).
c. UH, AFCH, TAC, and satellite location employees are responsible for providing
all standard mailing address elements (especially their mail code) on all outgoing
USPS mail.
5. Mail Codes
a. The mailroom supervisor shall be responsible for assigning or changing mail
codes (263-7286). The following guidelines shall be used to determine the need
for a new or changed code:
i. Creating a new, or changing location of, department/division/unit
ii. Substantial mail volume increases that are deemed to be permanent
b. The mailroom supervisor shall maintain an up-to-date listing of all assigned mail
codes. This list will be available on U-Connect.
C. USPS Mail:
1. Incoming - USPS mail is received into the mailroom at 9:00 am each business day.
Mailroom employees shall be responsible for sorting to the proper mailbox all properly
addressed USPS mail by noon each business day.

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2. Forwarding - When forwarding mail to an individual no longer at UH, AFCH, TAC, or a
satellite location, it is not necessary to pay additional postage. Cross out the address and
print "Please Forward", and then print the new address.
3. Outgoing Unstamped (to be metered for charge-back) - Mailroom customers will bundle
outgoing USPS mail by size and type. They will attach a fully completed UWH 260 form
to each bundle. Mailings of 20 or more letters (legal size) should have envelopes
unsealed, shingled, and rubber banded. If a letter is more than ¼" thick, it should be
sealed. This mail will be taken to the mail processing vendor for processing several times
throughout the day. UWH 260 forms may be requested from Standard Register or printed
from the Central Service page on U-Connect. Customers must ensure they have adequate
funding to pay for their mail service.
4. Outgoing Stamped - Customers may bring stamped and sealed USPS mail to the
mailroom. The mailroom does not sell stamps. USPS will pick-up this mail at 3:00 pm
5. Interdepartmental Mail - Mailroom employees are responsible for receiving and sorting
to the correct mail code all properly addressed interdepartmental mail within one business
day after receipt of such mail. Customers are welcome to self-sort their outgoing
interdepartmental mail into the proper destination mailbox within the mailroom service
6. Mass mailings - Customers that want the mailroom to sort their outgoing mass mailings
must bundle their mailing by mail code. Each bundle must be labeled with the
appropriate destination mail code. Mass mailings not bundled in this manner will be
returned to the sender. Contact mailroom directly for any large bundle pick-ups that are
D. Insufficiently addressed mail:
1. First, second, and third class USPS mail - Mail Service employees shall research the Staff
and Employee Listings (or in the case of patients, the Census Report) in an attempt to
identify the proper mail code. Mail for which no mail code can be identified after
research shall be returned to its sender by mailroom employees within two business days
after receipt of such mail.
2. All other classes of USPS mail - No attempt shall be made to research addresses;
insufficiently addressed mail shall be discarded.
3. Interdepartmental mail - Mailroom personnel shall research the Staff and Employee
listings in an attempt to identify the proper mailbox. Mail for which no mail code can be
identified shall be opened by mailroom employees to determine if the sender's address
can be identified. This mail shall be returned to sender if identifiable or disposed of
within two business days after the receipt of such mail.
E. Special Mail:
1. USPS mail that requires special handling (e.g. registered, express, certified, registered-
insured, international, priority) will be processed by mailroom personnel.
2. Outgoing special mail - Customers must hand this mail directly to mailroom personnel. It
will be the responsibility of the mailroom staff to ensure that the proper forms have been
correctly completed and attached.
3. Incoming special mail -Receiving staff sign for all special mail and take it to the
mailroom. The mailroom staff enters it in the freight receipts log. Mailroom staff will
keep log sheets on file for six months.
F. Specimens:
1. When specimens are received undamaged, the receiving dock and mailroom personnel
will sort and deliver as appropriate. When specimens are received damaged or leaking,
the receiving dock or mailroom personnel will take the following actions in sequence:
a. Do not separate the specimen from the bag; leave contents intact.

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b. Contact the receiving department for identification.
c. UH, AFCH, and satellite location staff notify the UW Health Safety Director at
263-1512. TAC associates notify TAC Safety at 235-0712.
d. Upon identification of leaking or damaged package, follow the directions of the
receiving department or the Safety Director (be sure to ask for the disposition of
all pieces affected).
e. Obtain an accident report and fill out as appropriate.
f. Notify supervisor.
g. Fill out an occurrence screen and send a copy to the sender as appropriate.
G. Bar Code Mailing Labels
1. UH, AFCH, and satellite location staff may request bar code mailing labels for use on
the UWH 260 form and others by calling the UH mailroom (263-7286). They must
provide their 5-digit PeopleSoft department (customer) number and the address to send
the new labels. Special accounts (98 series) must provide 7-digits and the address to send
the new labels.
2. TAC associates may request bar code mailing labels for use on the UWH 260 form and
others by calling the TAC mailroom (440-6588).
H. Questions
1. UH & AFCH - Mailroom Supervisor, 263-7286.
2. TAC – Materials & Clinical Equipment Manager, 440-6499.
3. MF legacy locations – AOB Mailroom, 826-5250.

Sr. Management Sponsor: VP, Facilities and Support Services
Author: Director of Materials Management

Approval Committee: UW Health Administrative Policy & Procedure Committee


Ronald Sliwinski
President, University of Wisconsin Hospitals
Chief of Clinical Operations

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