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Cobra Enhancement Policy (9.87)

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Administrative (Non-Clinical) Policy
As of November 20, 2017, this administrative policy applies to the operations and staff of legacy UWMF.
Effective July 1, 2015, the legacy operations and staff of UWHC and UWMF were integrated into the
University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics Authority (UWHCA). All administrative policies are being
transitioned to apply UWHCA-wide, but until future revision to this policy #9.87, it applies only to the
operations and staff of legacy UWMF.

Policy Title: COBRA Enhancement Policy
Policy Number: 9.87
Effective Date: November 20, 2017
Chapter: Human Resources
Version: Revision


In support of the organization’s commitment to its long-term employees, University of Wisconsin
Medical Foundation (UWMF) will provide continuation of group medical insurance coverage for
qualified employees through a model program that expands the 18 month coverage mandated by law.
The purpose of UWMF’s Enhancement program, which exceeds the Consolidated Omnibus Budget
Reconciliation Act (COBRA) requirements, is to cover any time gap that may exist between the end of
COBRA benefits and eligibility for Medicare.


Under UWMF’s enhanced program, UWMF employees who resign from employment and are at least the
age of 55, with at least 10 years of service**, may continue the group medical insurance coverage for
themselves, their spouse and their eligible dependents. Eligible employees may elect to continue such
coverage until they are Medicare eligible as defined by the Social Security Administration. Those who
elect this benefit are eligible for the group medical insurance plans as offered to employees each year and
are responsible for paying the entire COBRA premium. This coverage will also be extended to spouses of
deceased employees who meet these criteria.

This benefit will be contractual on an individual basis with each employee meeting the above
requirements at the time of resignation. If UWMF is currently offering more than one group medical plan
those choosing COBRA or COBRA Enhancement will be allowed to switch from one group plan to
another during the annual enrollment period.

**Years of service is based on benefit seniority


This Policy creates no rights, contractual or otherwise. Statements of policy obtained herein are not made
for the purpose of inducing any person to become or remain an employee of UW Health, and should not
be considered "promises" or as granting "property" rights. UW Health may add to, subtract from and/or
modify this Policy at any time. Nothing contained in this Policy impairs the right of an employee or UW
Health to terminate the employment relationship at-will.

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Sr. Management Sponsor: Chief Human Resources Officer
Author: Director, Human Resources Services

Approval committee: UW Health Administrative Policy & Procedure Committee


Elizabeth Bolt
UW Health Chief Administrative Officer