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Prospective Employee Health Assessment and Drug Screening (9.20)

Prospective Employee Health Assessment and Drug Screening (9.20) - Policies, Administrative, UW Health Administrative, Human Resources


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Administrative (Non-Clinical) Policy
This administrative policy applies to the operations and staff of the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and
Clinics Authority (UWHCA) as integrated effective July 1, 2015, including the legacy operations and
staff of University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics (UWHC) and University of Wisconsin Medical
Foundation (UWMF).

Policy Title: Prospective Employee Health Assessment and Drug Screening
Policy Number:
Effective Date: 07/27/2017
Chapter: Human Resources
Version: Revision


A. To assess a prospective employee's medical capability to do the job for which applied.
B. To determine whether any reasonable adjustments or auxiliary aids may be required to
accommodate any disability or impairment which a prospective employee has declared.
C. To ensure that none of the duties of the job will adversely affect any pre-existing health
conditions the prospective employee has declared.
D. To determine if the prospective employee is free of communicable disease.
E. To provide the prospective employee with information about policies and procedures related to
Employee Health Services.
F. To provide guidelines for drug testing, notification of results, and related employment decisions.
G. To comply with the Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services (HSF) administrative
Code, Chapter 124.07, Hospital Employee Health.


All prospective employees will complete a post-offer, pre-placement health assessment by Employee
Health Services (EHS). This assessment will be performed by Employee Health Services free of charge.

UW Health will conduct pre-employment drug screening for all prospective employees, including
Graduate Medical Education trainees at the time of the health assessment appointment. Physicians who
also have an appointment with University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health are
excluded from the pre-employment drug screen only.

Refer to UW Health Administrative Policy 9.21 Non-Employee Health Screening, for requirements for
non-employees who have contractual agreements with Employee Health Services.


A. Prospective employees shall bring the completed Health Assessment form to the scheduled
appointment. A prospective employee shall inform EHS in advance if he or she cannot keep a
scheduled assessment. The failure to do so may be considered a failed assessment, and UW
Health may rescind the employment offer in such cases.

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B. The results of the health assessment may result in a request of the prospective employee to submit
an Accommodation Request Packet to ensure that none of the duties of the job will adversely
affect any pre-existing health conditions the prospective employee has declared. See
Administrative Policy 9.68 Employee Disability Accommodation Policy.

C. Urine Drug Screening
1. All prospective employees must undergo urine drug screening prior to employment as a
condition of employment.
2. EHS shall contract with a drug-testing laboratory certified by the Substance Abuse and
Mental Health Services Administration, under the Department of Health of Human
3. Any prospective employee who refuses to undergo such screening shall be considered not
qualified for employment and shall not be offered employment. Previously extended offers
of employment may be rescinded if a prospective employee refuses to follow any
requirements of this policy.
4. Prospective employees who are denied employment for testing positive may re-apply one
year after notification of a positive drug test to UW Health.
5. If a prospective employee disputes the validity of a positive test result, the prospective
employee may request a re-test of the original sample through the contracted medical
review officer company. The prospective employee must also notify EHS that they are
requesting the re-test.
a. If the re-test is positive, the prospective employee will have their offer of
employment rescinded.
b. If the re-test is negative, the prospective employee will be able to begin employment
at UW Health.
6. A prospective GME trainee requesting a re-test of his/her specimen must follow the
Graduate Medical Education Department Policy of Appeals of Resident Corrective Actions.


1. UW Health Administrative Policy 9.21 Non-Employee Health Screening
2. Wisconsin Administrative Code, ยง DHS 124.07
3. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Immunization of Health-Care Personnel
Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).
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4. UW Health Clinical Policy 4.1.9 Healthcare Worker with Bloodborne Pathogen Infection
5. UW Health Administrative Policy 9.68 Employee Disability Accommodation Policy


Sr. Management Sponsor: VP, Human Resources
Author: Clinic Manager, Employee Health Services
Reviewer: Medical Director for Employee Health Services and Wellness

Approval Committee: UW Health Administrative Policy & Procedures Committee


Elizabeth Bolt
UW Health Chief Administrative Officer