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Health Information Management

Health Information Management - Policies, Administrative, UW Health Administrative

Amendment of the Medical Record (6.14)
Centralized Monitoring of Delinquent Medical Records (6.17)
Data Replication Policy (6.47)
Health Information Management Procedure for Verification of Record Entries and Author (6.25)
Health Link Department Master File Policy and Procedure (6.41)
Medical Record Forms and Electronic Content Development Design and Major Revision (6.38)
Medical Record Monitoring for Documentation (6.22)
Medical Record Retention (6.26)
Notification to Health Link and Patient Business Services Department Regarding Deceased Patients (6.46)
Paper Medical Record Control (6.10)
Patient Request to Restrict Use and/or Disclosures of Protected Health Information (PHI) (6.48)
Patient Right to Access (View) Their Protected Health Information (6.13)
Procedures for Approval and Elimination of Existing Subcharts and Shadow Charts to the UW Health Primary Medical Record (6.28)
UW Health Approved Abbreviation List (6.18)
UW Health Legal Medical Record (6.39)
UW Health Medical Record Documentation (6.15)