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Admission of Foreign Nationals & Prepayment to UW Health (2.20)

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Administrative (Non-Clinical) Policy
This administrative policy applies to the operations and staff of the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and
Clinics Authority as integrated effective July 1, 2015, including the legacy operations and staff of UWHC
and UWMF.
Policy Title: Admission of Foreign Nationals & Prepayment to UW Health
Policy Number: 2.20
Effective Date: January 1, 2016
Chapter: Fiscal
Version: Revision


To implement a policy and procedure requiring all Foreign National patients to make acceptable payment
arrangements for non-emergency medical care prior to receiving treatment at UW Health. This policy is
necessary because Foreign Nationals do not qualify for any form of public assistance and because
collection efforts are less effective in foreign countries. Foreign National patients are defined as
including foreign students and visiting scholars, visitors and those who come directly from a foreign
country to receive healthcare.


Before any medical care except emergencies shall be provided to a Foreign National patient at UW
Health, the prospective patient must be financially screened and acceptable payment arrangements made
with the Admissions Department. UW Health expects Foreign Nationals without valid third-party
coverage to prepay inpatient or outpatient charges at 100% of the estimated total (less a 15% discount). In
addition, the patient or the patient's family must show proof of ability to pay any unpaid hospital charges
within 30 days of the patient's discharge. Third party coverage will be evaluated to determine if the pre-
payment requirement can be waived. The granting of a waiver is at the discretion of Hospital Fiscal


Appropriate Patient Accounting and insurance documents will be used.

A. Upon receipt of a referral and/or request for a Foreign National's admission, the physician shall
advise the patient that payment arrangements must be made with a UW Health Admission
Advisor prior to admission. This shall be done before any commitment on admission is expressed
to the patient and/or family. The physician or the department secretary will provide the
Admissions Department with the name of the prospective patient, the requested treatment, the
estimated length of stay, the tentative admission date and required post-discharge care. If
possible, this should be done at least 30 days in advance of the expected admission date to allow
for financial screening. Under no circumstances should a Foreign National depart his/her country
before financial arrangements have been confirmed.

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B. The Admission Advisor will obtain an estimate of charges from Price Line. The estimate will
include both hospital and physician charges. The estimate will be relayed to the patient and a
request for prepayment that amount (less a 15% discount) will be made. The Admission Advisor
shall inform patients that this amount is an estimate only, based upon average charges for the
procedure, and that they will be expected, and must be prepared, to pay additional costs resulting
from unforeseen complications. They should also be advised of post-hospitalization expenses.
The Price Line will also provide a written estimate for the patient.

For those Foreign Nationals who have third party coverage, the Admission Advisor shall
determine whether or not the third party coverage will pay for the expenses incurred at UW
Health and whether or not the patient's country will allow funds to be transferred to UW Health
for medical care.

If the Admission Advisor is able to make acceptable arrangements for coverage of medical
expenses, the physician shall be notified that the patient can be accepted for admission. If a
Foreign National is unable to make acceptable financial arrangements, the Admission Advisor
shall notify the physician that the patient cannot be accepted for admission for non-emergency
medical care. Requests for exceptions to this policy are forwarded to the Revenue Cycle VP for
discussion with the CFO.

Under no circumstances will an emergency admission be delayed until appropriate financial arrangements
can be made. Future non-emergent admissions, however, will require financial arrangements be made in
compliance with Section IV of this policy.


Sr. Management Sponsor: SVP, Chief Financial Officer
Author: VP, Revenue Cycle; Director, Access Services

Approval Committee: UW Health Administrative Policy and Procedure Committee


Ronald Sliwinski
President, University of Wisconsin Hospitals
Chief of Clinical Operations

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