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Fiscal Affairs

Fiscal Affairs - Policies, Administrative, UW Health Administrative

Admission of Foreign Nationals & Prepayment to UW Health (2.20)
Capital Asset Policy (2.30)
Estimated Cost of Medical Service (2.23)
Financial Assistance Policy (2.16)
Financial Screening for Solid Organ Transplant (2.26)
Insurance or Managed Care Prior Authorizations and Notifications (2.21)
Lease Policy (2.34)
Patient Billing and Collections Policy (2.33)
Patient Right to Amend Billing Records (2.25)
Pharmacy Payment and Charging Policy for Take Home Prescriptions (2.18)
Prepayment for Elective Services (2.11)
UW Health Limits for Patient Account Settlements, Discretionary and Non-Discretionary Write-Offs/Adjustments and Patient Refunds (2.31)