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Food Procurement for Patient Therapy Programs (3.11)

Food Procurement for Patient Therapy Programs (3.11) - Policies, Administrative, UW Health Administrative, Culinary Services


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Administrative (Non-Clinical) Policy
This administrative policy applies to the operations and staff of the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and
Clinics Authority (UWHCA) as integrated effective July 1, 2015, including the legacy operations and
staff of University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics (UWHC) and University of Wisconsin Medical
Foundation (UWMF).

Policy Title: Food Procurement for Patient Therapy Programs
Policy Number:
Effective Date: September 21, 2017
Chapter: Culinary Services
Version: Revision

To standardize the procedures and accountability for food issued to UW Health departments for Patient
Therapy Programs.


A. Food items from Culinary and Clinical Nutrition Services can be requisitioned by other hospital
departments and clinics when the items are needed for patient therapy (group or individual). The
requesting cost center will be charged for these items. This includes:
1. Food and refreshments for group programs
2. Ingredients for homemaking tasks for an individual or group of patients
3. Other food items for patient therapy
4. Paper and non-perishable dietary supplies

B. When patient activities, group or individual, require food to be used at meal time and the foods
used correspond to the menu in type and quantity, the department will not be charged for the
food. These foods will be used as a substitute for the patient's tray.

C. At least three (3) business days’ notice is required for large quantity or special order food orders
and all orders for meal substitutes.


A. All items to be requisitioned from Culinary and Clinical Nutrition Services should be ordered on
Net Catering Supply Form. A Net Catering Account can be established by calling the Culinary
and Clinical Nutrition Services Administration office at 263-8230.

B. Amounts of food items ordered should be listed in standard household or metric measures and not
ordered by brand name but by generic classification.

C. The following information must be listed on all orders:

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1. Requesting department
2. Account number
3. Date ordered and pickup date/time
4. Authorized signature/name

D. The inventory specialist will be responsible for ordering the necessary items. The stock clerks
will be responsible for assembling the orders for food pick up between 1100 and 1400 hours at
F4/150A. If alternate pick up time is preferred, arrangements must be made with the Culinary and
Clinical Nutrition Services Administrative office.

E. Food requisition must be from food service inventory. Culinary and Clinical Nutrition Services
will advise as to available items upon request. Exceptions: Occupational Therapy, Swallowing
Services, and Child Life Program's monthly order which is ordered at least three days prior to
date to be picked up.

F. The Financial Analyst will establish current prices for items requisitioned.


On line Net Catering Supply Form.


Sr. Management Sponsor: VP, Facilities & Support Services
Author: Director, Culinary and Clinical Nutrition Services

Approval Committee: UW Health Administrative Policy & Procedure Committee


Elizabeth Bolt
UW Health Chief Administrative Officer