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Paid Time Off (UWMF)

Paid Time Off (UWMF) - Pay & Benefits, Time Off


Benefit Summary

Paid time off is a combination of vacation, personal and sick days. If eligible, you will begin accruing time on the first day of employment on a per pay period basis.

Benefit Eligibility

All full-time and part-time employees of UWMF are eligible for paid time off. Temporary employees are not eligible for this benefit. The amount of PTO accrual is dependent on years of service and is pro-rated based on FTE.

PTO Accrual

An employee who works 40 hours a week accrues time based on this schedule:

UWMF Years of Service Employee Accrual

0-4 years 136 hours (17 days)/year 5.23 hours/pay period
5-9 years 176 hours (22 days)/year 6.77 hours/pay period
10-19 years 216 hours (27 days)/year 8.31 hours/pay period
20+ years 256 hours (32 days)/year 9.85 hours/pay period

Time accrued in the first six months of employment is not considered earned until the completion of that period of employment. New employees may borrow up to three days of accrued PTO, prorated based on their FTE, after the completion of three months.

UW Health Time Off Policy 9.40



UW Health Time Off Policy 9.40

Accrual and Carryover Schedule

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