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Leave of Absence Process Updates

Leave of Absence Process Updates - Pay & Benefits, Time Off, Leave of Absence


Effective January 1, 2018, all medical and military leave of absences for UW Hospitals and Clinics and UW Medical Foundation staff are outsourced through The Hartford, an outside vendor specializing in leave administration.

The Hartford will be your primary contact throughout your leave of absence. After notifying your supervisor of the need for a leave, employees will then need to contact The Hartford to initiate a continuous or intermittent medical or military leave of absence. This should be done at least 30 days in advance for a foreseeable leave or as soon as possible, normally within two (2) business days, for an emergency leave.

The Hartford will send all paperwork to the employee's home address. This information will be emailed to the supervisor and HR Service Center in order to provide updates on the staus of the leave, including initial eligiblity and return to work requirements.  

More information can be found on the Leave of Absence page.

Process Updates for UW Medical Foundation Employees

The process for submitting your Compensation Election While on Leave is now a form in ServiceNow. Employees must complete this form within seven (7) business days of initiating their leave of absence with The Hartford. Upon initiating the leave of absence, The Hartford includes an instruction flyer as part of the packet that is mailed to an employee's home address once they have initiated their leave of absence. 

Process Updates for UW Hospitals and Clinics Employees

UW Hospitals and Clinics leave of absence administration for all military and medical leave of absences will be administered through The Hartford. To initiate a leave of absence with The Hartford, employees must contact them directly: 

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Return to Work

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