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Bereavement - Pay & Benefits, Time Off, Leave of Absence


An employee may take time off off for a death in their immediate family, which is defined as:

Bereavement leave shall be used within the seven calendar day period immediately following the death. Where mitigating circumstances exist (i.e., delayed or postponed funeral arrangements), bereavement time, with supervisor's approval, may be used at a later date for reasons directly related to the death. 

UWHC Employees

Sick leave may be used for up to three working days, plus up to an additional four working days for travel time. All time off must be approved by a supervisor.

UWMF Employees

UWMF employees (full/part-time or limited-hour) may be granted up to three days with full pay prorated based on scheduled FTE. The days are treated as separate occurrences and cannot be added together for a longer day (i.e. a 0.50 FTE employee would receive 4 hours each of the 3 days, the 4 hours cannot be added together for a one 8 hour day). If additional time off is needed, employees may use PTO or request unpaid time, all time off must be approved by a supervisor.