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Attention: Process Change

Effective with the new year, all UW Medical Foundation and UW Hospitals and Clinics military and medical leave of absences will be administered by The Hartford. 

As part of this process change is a new way of electing your compensation while on a leave of absence. 

If you have any questions about your responsibilities to initiate or while on a leave of absence, please contact The Hartford directly.

Benefit Summary

FMLA will provide you up to 12 weeks of unpaid time off, prorated based on FTE for you/your family member’s serious health condition or for military exigencies.

Wisconsin FMLA provides 2-6 weeks of unpaid time, based on the reason for your leave.

Benefit Eligibility

Based on the type of leave you need, certain eligibility requirements do apply. All UWMF employees are eligible if a leave is required due to workers compensation (sustaining a work-related injury or illness) or military duty (reservist being called to active duty).

If you have worked one year of total service within the last seven years, and have worked 1250 hours within the one year prior to your initial leave date, you are eligible to receive Federal FMLA benefits.

In order to qualify for Wisconsin FMLA coverage, you must have worked for UWMF for one year and have been paid for 1,000 hours of service within the one year prior to your initial leave date.

How to Initiate Your Leave

Employees will still need to contact their manager/supervisor 30 days in advance for a foreseeable leave or as soon as possible, normally within two (2) business days for an emergency leave.

Employees must first notify their supervisor of their need for a leave of absence.

After they have notified their manager, employees will need to contact The Hartford to initiate their leave of absence. 

Note: Employees will need to follow their department’s normal call in procedures when notifying their manager/supervisor of intermittent leave time. Employees may contact The Hartford either by phone or via their website regarding missed work time.

Employees should contact The Hartford at (877) 674-8963 (policy #036143) with any questions they might have regarding a Leave of Absence and to request their leave.

The Hartford will send all leave and disability paperwork to the employee’s home address. If you need to update your address, go to Employee Self-Service (HC | MF) to update your personal information. 

Compensation While on Leave

Employees will need to complete the Compensation Election While on Leave form in ServiceNow. This form must be completed within seven (7) business days of initiating your leave of absence with The Hartford. Employees who do not complete the form within this timeframe will have any prior missed time coded as unpaid time. Upon receiving the completed form, missed work time will be updated to reflect the requested compensation method. 

Return to Work Process

Once you are ready to return to work, if you were on leave for your own serious health condition, you may need to receive clearance from Employee Health Services (EHS) indicating you can perform the essential functions of your job. Please contact EHS at 608-263-7535 to determine whether or not an in-person visit is required. If yes, you can set up your appointment with EHS.

For all continuous leaves, you must communicate with your leader a minimum of 48-hours prior to your scheduled return to work date to ensure he/she has received your return to work date from The Hartford and, if applicable, EHS.

Extending My Leave

If you require an extended leave, you must contact The Hartford for next steps and also inform your leader of your request. You may need to provide additional documentation to support the extension of your leave. 

For any additional questions you may have, please contact the HR Service Center or call (608) 263-6500.



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