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Holidays (UW Health)

Holidays (UW Health) - Pay & Benefits, Time Off


UW Health recognizes eight (8) legal holidays and UW Health clinics and offices will be closed on these holidays:

Holiday Pay

To earn the above legal Holidays, an employee must be employed on the holiday and must be in paid status on either the last scheduled work day immediately before or the first scheduled work day immediately after the legal holiday occurs. 

UW Health employee holiday pay will be as follows:

Hourly (non-exempt) employees, if required to work a holiday, will be paid time-and-a-half for hours worked on a designated holiday. Holiday hours worked will be “banked,” equal to holiday hours observed, based on FTE.Salaried (exempt) employees, if required to work a holiday, will receive “banked” time equal to one-and-one-half times the number of hours available for that holiday, based on their FTE.

Upon termination of employment, employees will receive their earned, but unused, legal holiday time paid in a lump sum accompanying their final paycheck. The use of legal holiday time to extend the date of termination is not permitted.

UWHC Employees

When a holiday falls on the weekend, it will be considered a floating holiday and time will be “banked.” Employees will be able to use the banked holiday hours at a time of their choosing, approved by their manager. Employees may carryover three (3) holidays into the following calendar year until the end of the pay period which includes May 1st.  Unused banked holiday time is automatically cashed out in May.

Holiday hours can be used in advance of the UW Health recognized holiday.

UWMF Employees

When a holiday falls on the weekend, the holiday hours for each of these will be automatically added to the employees PTO bank.  Please note these hours will not be available for use until after the holiday occurs. If you are at your maximum PTO accrual when these holidays occur, this time will not be added to your PTO account. Employees in this situation should plan to use time off before the holidays or take advantage of the PTO Buy Out option. Please review UWMF’s Time Off Policy for any further questions.

Employees within six months of starting employment will receive and be able to use the banked holiday hours.  Managers will need to contact UWMF Payroll if an employee in their first six months of employment would like to use their banked holiday hours for time off. 


Holiday Time Off

Can I choose to work on a holiday so I can bank my holiday time for later use?

No. Employees not scheduled to work on a holiday will take the holiday off unless specifically required to work by their supervisor.

Am I eligible to receive holiday time if I am on an approved leave?

Yes, if you are in paid status during the pay period in which the holiday falls. Employees do not receive leave time benefits when on an unpaid leave.

Will I receive holiday time if I have unexpected time off within the pay period the holiday occurs?

Yes. However, unexpected time off is subject to the attendance policies.


Holiday Parties

If staff come in on their day off to attend a holiday party, will it be paid time?

This would be up to the manager; however, it is recommended that staff be paid for the time they are at the party, but not hte travel time (which would be considered normal drive time to work). 

If staff normally have an hour lunch break, is the entire hour paid?


If the party is in the evening, are staff eligible for the evening shift differential?

All holiday celebrations will be scheduled during regularly scheduled hours. For those who work off-shifts, the applicable shift differentials would be paid as the hours to attend the event would be considered hours worked.

I am working at a location other than my regular home locations, which celebration should I attend and will this be paid time?

Employees should attend the celebration that is scheduled for the location they are at on any given shift and the time would be considered paid.

How do I record 'No Lunch' in MyTime to attend a holiday celebration?

As the MyTime (UWHC) system will automatically deduct a lunch punch for hourly employees after six hours of recorded work time, employees will need to specify a "no lunch" designation. When employees clock out for the day, they should use the "NL (No Lunch)" value.