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Market Based Salary Ranges and Pay

Market Based Salary Ranges and Pay - Pay & Benefits, Paycheck


UW Health is committed to providing all employees with a competitive level of compensation. This is done through a comparison of UW Health salary ranges to compensation benchmarks in the external labor market.

Each job is assigned to a salary grade and range. These are stated as minimum and maximum salaries paid by the organization for a particular job. Salary range midpoints (i.e., the middle of the range, “median”, or 50th percentile) will represent each job’s estimated labor market values as paid in the competitive market place. In some cases, a job may be assigned to a market value up to the 75th percentile if necessary to attract or retain people. Jobs are assigned to a salary grade and range based on the external labor market and/or established relationships among jobs in a job “family”. Using external labor market data provides flexibility to attract and retain highly and appropriately skilled employees.

External market data will come from national, regional, and local sources, reflecting the appropriate talent market depending on job type or level. Data used to determine salary grades and pay levels will come only from reputable published salary surveys. Salary ranges may be adjusted annually consistent with changes in market data.

Employees will be paid within the salary range. Generally, employees with less experience and/or lower performance will receive pay targeted over time to be at or below the midpoint the range. Likewise, employees with more experience and/or higher performance will receive pay targeted over time to be at or above the midpoint of the range.

Compensation rates for new hires will also be established in a similar manner to be competitive with the external labor market based on the job and an individual’s experience, education and or expectations.

For more information on UW Health’s Compensation Philosophy, please see UW Health’s Employee Compensation and Strategy.