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Submitting Your Resignation

Submitting Your Resignation - Pay & Benefits, Life Events, Life Events (UWMF), Retirement


Resignations should be in writing and should be submitted to your supervisor. Your supervisor will enter your termination into the system. Each terminating employee will receive an email with information regarding benefits upon termination, as well as a link to complete an Exit Survey to answer questions in regards to your time with the organization.

Appropriate Notice Periods

Generally, the following resignation periods should be adhered to:

  • Hourly (non-exempt) employees will be required to provide two (2) weeks notice at minimum
  • Salaried (exempt) employees will be required to provide three (3) weeks notice at minimum
  • Director level and above employees will be required to provide a four (4) week notice at minimum

In order to meet operational needs, departments or specific job titles may be required to provide a longer notice period. It is important to have this conversation with your supervisor/manager to understand the expectations outlined per department.

For more information, refer to UW Health Resignation Policy 9.36.