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Changing Your Name and Email

Changing Your Name and Email - Pay & Benefits, Life Events, Life Events (UWMF), Marriage


Outside of UW Health

On its website, the Social Security Administration offers the instructions and forms you’ll need to obtain a new social security card.

Taking this step will help you make additional name changes, such as changing your name with UW Health Human Resources.

With Human Resources

In accordance with the IRS, Social Security Administration, and the Department of Workforce Development, official name changes can only be made when accompanied by a new social security card.

Once you have your new social security card, please make a copy and fax it to HR at (608) 263-5778 or attach it to an Ask HR case in ServiceNow. Please include a cover sheet with your ID, full former name, and employee ID number.

Once Human Resources receives and processes your name change, your name will be updated with all the applicable  benefits as well.

Email Address Change

If you are interested in changing your email address to reflect your name change, you must first completed the procedure outlined above.

Once HR has updated your record, your name change will be reported to the Information Systems (IS) to be updated in the computer systems. You will receive an email notification from IS once your email address has been updated.

NOTE: Name and email changes can be updated in systems, but your computer username will always remain the same.

Your previous email address will remain in the background so you will not lose any emails while you update colleagues of your new email address.

NOTE: If you do NOT want your email address update to your new name, you must place a Help Desk Self-Service ticket with IS to request that email address NOT be changed.