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State Group Life Insurance

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Benefits Summary

Coverage is available for the employee, spouse/domestic partner and dependent(s). You must be enrolled in employee coverage in order to elect spouse/domestic partner and/or dependent coverage. Coverage is available for up to 5x the employee’s annual earnings, rounded up to the nearest $1,000. Employee coverage includes Accidental Death and Dismemberment in the event of accidental death or loss of limb(s).

Coverage may continue upon retirement, and can be converted to an individual policy if employment is terminated. State Group Life Insurance may be converted to pay for retiree state group health or state long-term care insurance premiums.

LifeSuite Benefits

The State of Wisconsin offers employees with State Group Life Insurance coverage and their eligible immediate family members the following LifeSuite services. There is no need to enroll for these services. You are automatically eligible for them through your State Group Life Insurance coverage.

For more information please see the LifeSuite Benefit Brochure.

Benefit Eligibility

All regular and temporary employees who are eligible or who become eligible for the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) are eligible to participate.


Premium rates are based on age, annual earnings, and amount of coverage selected by the employee.

Beneficiary Designation

Beneficiary designations for State Group Life Insurance may be made or updated by submitting a State Group Life Beneficiary Designation form directly to ETF.


Initial Enrollment

Coverage will be effective the first of the month following 30 days of Wisocnsin Retirement System (WRS) participation. Enrollment in the State Group Life Insurance plan requires the submission of the Life Insurance Application/Cancellation/Refusal Form to Human Resources within 30 days of the WRS participation date.

If a temporary employee waives State Group Life insurance at time they become eligible for the Wisconsin Retirement System, an open enrollment opportunity will not be given again if a change is made to a regular position in the future.

Late Enrollment

If your application is not received within the initial enrollment period, you may apply at anytime by submitting an Evidence of Insurability Application directly to the Department of Employee Trust Funds. Your application will be subject to medical underwriting and may require medical records or documentation. Please contact Human Resources to obtain an application.

Qualifying Life Event

Changes may be made to your State Group Life Insurance if a qualifying life event occurs. To make changes, please review Life Events (UWHC) page for information on what changes you can make due to a Qualifying Life Event, how to obtain the applications, and when the change is effective. Completed applications must be submitted to UW Health Human Resources within 30 days of the qualifying life event.

A qualifying life event includes marriage, birth or adoption of a child, a death, divorce, termination of employment, or for dependent care only, a change in childcare providers or cost.

Additional Information

Further information can be found at:


Can I get life insurance for my spouse and children?

Spouse and dependent coverage is available in both the State Group Life and the Supplemental Life insurance plan. Evidence of insurability may be necessary outside the initial eligibility period.

Does the life insurance policy build cash value?

No. This is term insurance with no cash or loan value. However, if you have a serious medical condition, you may qualify for Living Benefits. In addition, if you are retired and have an Employee Trust Funds (ETF)-sponsored health or long-term care insurance plan, you may convert your life insurance coverage to pay premiums for health or long-term care insurance.

How can I find out what life insurance coverage I have?

To access your Benefits Summary, go to Employee Self Service. If you would like to view your Benefits Summary from home, visit www.uwhealth.org/homeaccess and choose Employee Self Service. Use your network username and password to log in and select Self Service, Benefits, and Benefits Summary. To keep your personal information secure, always remember to log out after viewing any self-service transaction.

When can I enroll in State Group Life insurance, or increase my coverage?

You have an enrollment opportunity if you complete and submit an application within 30 days of becoming eligible for the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS). You may also qualify to enroll or change coverage if you experience a qualifying life event. If you want to enroll or increase coverage outside your initial eligibility period and don't have a qualifying life event, you may apply for coverage via the medical underwriting process. Please contact the HR Service Center via an Ask HR form in ServiceNow or by calling (608) 263-6500 to request an Evidence of Insurability application.


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