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Benefits 101

Benefits 101 - Pay & Benefits, Benefits, Personal Financial Well-Being


How can you be sure that you are getting the most out of your benefits package? It is important to be aware of the offerings available to you based on your employment. 

Ongoing Benefits Education

Outside of Open Enrollment and experiencing a qualifying event, it is important to educate yourself on an ongoing basis when it comes to your benefits. As new benefits become available or your personal situations change, it is helpful to know that there are benefits provided by UW Health to assist you with all those life changes. 

Our award-winning wellness program, Wellness Options at Work, offers activities, classes and resources to encourage staff focused on: 

How to Learn More:

Employee Assistance and Work/Life Program

UW Health's Employee Assistance and Work/Life Program, MyLifeMatters, provides a financial wellbeing checkup, educational tools about debt management, and more. Log into their website with the UWH1 company password to take advantage of their helpful tools, webinars and more.

Qualifying Life Events

Employees may experience events throughout the year that allow them to make changes to their benefits - including marriage, divorce, birth or adoption of a child, and more. 

When these events occur, employees have 30 days from the event date (ex: date of marriage) to make changes to their benefits and submit their update enrollment with the required documentation, if applicable. Comprehensive checklists have been developed for employees to help navigate these major changes.

Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment occurs annually and is your opportunity, outside of a qualifying event, to make changes to your benefit elections. Each year, HR communicates the Open Enrollment time period through InBrief sharing the enrollment opportunities and benefit plan changes for the following year. 

Open Enrollment has a firm deadline, so it is important not to delay when it comes to making changes to your benefits!