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Return to Work Checklist

Return to Work Checklist - Pay & Benefits, Benefit Programs, Resources For Lactating Women


During Pregnancy and Maternity Leave

Attend a breastfeeding class at your delivery hospital or through HMO

❏ Check with your insurance company to see if they will provide or subsidize a breast pump

❏ Purchase supplies: breast pump, tubing, extra membranes, flanges, bottles (2 bottles per pumping
session), breast milk storage bags, caps, nursing pads, nursing bra and a small cooler with ice packs to
store pumped milk

❏ Find a breastfeeding-friendly childcare provider

❏ Start pumping and storing milk a few weeks before you return to work

❑ Talk with your family about how they can help support you

❑ Do a “trial run”: practice having your baby with a caregiver and expressing milk during the day

❏ Discuss with supervisor lactation needs upon return to work

❏ Call or email your UW Health Lactation Consultants 4-6 weeks before returning to work for help with
planning at lactationhelp@uwhealth.org or (608) 890-8227 

Return to Work 

❑ Consider coordinating with your supervisor to return to work mid-week to decrease the stress of being
gone a full week

❑ Locate the nearest lactation room in your workplace and learn how to reserve room time

The Night Before

❑ Pack your baby’s diaper bag with diapers, extra clothes, toys, and feeding supplies

❑ Consider delegating some of the tasks to your partner or a family member

❑ Set out your work clothes for the next day. Make sure to wear “easy access” clothing, if possible

❑ Clean your breast pump pieces and pack them up

❑ Put your breast pump pieces and cooler bag with your purse or car keys so you remember them

❑ Pack extra nursing pads and an extra shirt in case of leaking

❑ Pack lunch and snacks

❑ Pack a device to listen to music or to browse baby photos while pumping to promote your letdown

In the Morning Before Leaving for Work

❑ Pack the milk for daycare in a cooler and put it in baby’s diaper bag