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Tympanic thermometer probe coversRemoved from the CS Catalog

The following items have been eliminated from CS:

Please contact NursingProductsWeb@uwhealth.org with any questions or if you feel these were inappropriately eliminated.

Incontinence Wipes Disposal

We continue to have problems with sewer blockages. Frequently, the disposable cloths used for incontinence care are found to be the cause of the blockage. Please do not flush these cloths.

Incontinence wipes

These cloths should NOT be placed in the bathroom for patients to use when toileting. DO NOT flush these cloths, or any other wipes down the toilet.

The only product that can be flushed down the toilet is toilet paper.

Key Points for Midline IV Catheters

Why use a midline?

What can you do with a midline?

What can’t you do with a midline?

How do I get a midline placed on my patient?

See policy 1.55 Midline IV Peripheral Catheters

Cleaning and Disinfection Guidelines for the CareFoam Chairs

Below outlines the cleaning and disinfection guidelines for the fall reduction chairs
manufactured by CareFoam.

  1. Use a sheet, blanket and/or pink pad to line the inside of the chair for patient use.
    1. Do not utilize the wool or fleece slip cover provided by the manufacturer as there is not an adequate way to disinfect these covers between patients.
  2. After patient discharge, do the following:
    1. Launder any linen cover utilized.
    2. Disinfect the entire chair cover (tan and blue fabrics) with one of the following products:
      1. Caviwipes
      2. Bleach wipes or OxyCide - (Always use on Enhanced Contact Isolation patients)
    3. Inspect the chair for any rips and tears, especially at the seam of the tan fabric to the blue fabric. If a rip/tear is found, remove the chair from service and place a work order to have the chair repaired.

CareFoam Chairs

Clear Pouch Placed Under Mattress  

Clear Pouch Placed Under Mattress

Large Roll of Bags

Large Roll of Bags


Effective November 1, we will implement a new process for all DIRTY beds that are removed from the patient’s room:

SCD Machine Disposal Process

When a patient is no longer using the SCD machine or when they are discharged, place the machine, hoses and the sleeves in the dirty acco area on your unit. Do not discard in the trash. Sleeves should only be discarded when they are visibly soiled with body fluids.

SCD Machine Disposal Process

Place the entire unit (machine, hoses and sleeves) in the dirty acco.