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Evidence-based Practice (EBP)

Evidence-based Practice (EBP) - For Nurses, Leadership, Nursing Councils, Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice Council, Poster Fair and Poster Creation, 2012 Poster Fair


An EBP Project to Improve HPV Immunization Rates in Boys at West Pediatric Clinic

CAUTI Prevention: Removal of Indwelling Urinary Catheters in Postoperative Patients

Evidence-based Clinical Guideline for the Medical Management of First Episode of Bronchiolitis in Infants

“Going for the Gold” - Increasing Compliance by Supporting Best Practice: A Win-Win Outcome

Increasing Staff Knowledge of Evidence-Based Skin Care in Radiation Oncology: An Educational Intervention

Mark and Measure: Don’t Auscultate. An Evidence-based Practice Change

Should Nurses be Removing Indwelling Catheters at Midnight or 6 am?: Tradition vs. EBP

The STaR Volunteer Program: Singing, Talking and Reminiscing

Using Advanced Clinical Decision Support to Reduce Benzodiazepine Prescribing for Older Persons

What is the Best Way to Care for Pin Sites?