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Results of 2016 Contest

Results of 2016 Contest - For Nurses, Leadership, Nursing Councils, Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice Council, COW-nundrum


The first COW-nundrum contest was held October 3-23, 2016. We received 41 questions from 23 nurses in many different areas!

Here are some examples of questions received:

  1. What is the correct use of ice packs as external cooling method for fever management of inpatient adult patients on a general medicine unit?
  2. Are seizure pads really beneficial? If yes, under what circumstances?
  3. How many times should a patient be "poked" for an IV or lab before other options like VAT, anesthesia or OR placement preoperatively are considered?

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What Happened with My Questions/Ideas?

All nurses who submitted entries received a cowpie candy and a certificate. Each entry was reviewed by the Nursing Research and EBP Council members and a table was created to share the questions that were asked and provide some information about the topic of inquiry.

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Cownundrum submission pie chart

Kristin Friedl

Kristin Friedl

Shawnna Webber

Shawna Webber

Stacy Lindbo

Stacy Lindbo