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COW-nundrum: Is it Evidence-based or “Udder” Nonsense

What is a COW-nundrum?

A COW-nundrum is a practice that we do repeatedly  and don’t question; yet, we aren’t sure if it is evidence-based or “udder” nonsense!

What is this Contest About?

This contest is all about having fun and asking “why?”!  The contest is sponsored by UW Health Nursing Research and EBP Council to simply provide a process for asking these clinical questions.

Results of 2017 Contest

The 2nd Annual COW-nundrum contest was held October 2-22, 2017. We received 33 questions from 20 different practice areas!

Here are some examples of questions received:


What Will Happen with My Questions/Ideas?

All nurses who submitted entries received a cow-pie candy and a certificate.

Each entry was reviewed by the Nursing Research and EBP Council members and a table was created to share the questions that were asked and provide some information about the topic of inquiry.

View a complete list of questions

Off the 33 submissions:

Cownundrum pie chart

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