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Nursing Innovation

Nursing Innovation - For Nurses, Leadership, Departments and Units, Nursing Practice Innovation

What is innovation? 

Innovation, according to Magnet, is “A novel set of behaviors, work and ways of working”:

  • A group of activities that are generated and directed toward improving:
    • Health outcomes
    • Cost effectiveness
    • Users’ experience
  • Are implemented by planned and coordinated actions
  • Are focused toward positive change, with the intent to make someone or something better
  • Cause changes in thinking, products, processes, or organizations


If you have an idea for a nursing innovation, some suggestions to advance your idea are:

  1. Take a few minutes to put your idea in writing
  2. Does your idea support the goals and priorities of UW Health and UWHC Nursing?
  3. Is your idea feasible?
  4. Try the idea out on a few colleagues
  5. Discuss with your nurse manager/director, clinical nurse specialist (CNS), nursing education specialist, and/or unit council
  6. If the idea still seems feasible and you have obtained support for implementation, develop a more detailed implementation plan
    1. If your idea is evidence-based practice, consult the EBP page, Workspace and/or the EBP CNS
    2. If your idea is quality/process improvement, consult the Quality, Safety and Innovation page and/or a Nursing Quality and Safety CNS
    3. If your idea involves Health Link or technology, consult the Nursing Informatics page and/or one of the nursing informaticists
    4. If your idea is a change project, read about the Kotter change process
  7. Implement your idea
  8. Congratulations and report your completed innovation on this site!  


Innovation Information and Resources

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Innovations Exchange

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Evidence Based Practice Workspace

Innovation Learning Network

Nursing Informatics

Quality, Safety and Innovation

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