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F64: Medical, Surgical, and Short Stay

F64: Medical, Surgical, and Short Stay - For Nurses, Leadership, Departments and Units, Nursing Operation Support


F64 is a 27-bed medical and surgical unit. It is the home unit to the Outpatient Short Stay patient population as well as the Hospitalist 4 patients.

Outpatient Short Stay

We are preassigned patients from ENT, Gynecology, Urology, Neurosurgery, Plastics and General Surgery. We also care for patients originating in Interventional Radiology, APC procedures and E case eye surgeries.

Hospitalist 4

These patients come to us from the Emergency Department, clinics, outside facilities, and home. They are admitted with a variety of different medical diagnoses and multiple comorbidities.

The staff on this unit excels at time management and effective patient throughput. It is routine for this unit to have multiple admissions and discharges within a day. Staff work together to ensure that all patient needs are met, patient satisfaction is high, and throughput is expedited as appropriate to ensure we are able to care for the patients seeking care.