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F6/5 - For Nurses, Leadership, Departments and Units, Medical Nursing


F6/5 is a 28-bed medical unit serving patients admitted for the following medical services:

In addition, two non-teaching services admit to F6/5:

There is a high demand for beds on F6/5 and on average five to eight patients are discharged (and admitted) per day. Length of stay is approximately six days. 

"Expert Generalists" 

The nursing staff of F6/5 has chosen the term "expert generalists" to describe their practice. We have a number of senior staff members who are excellent resources for nurses throughout the hospital seeking help in dealing with issues such as alcohol withdrawal, delirium and dementia, coordination of care for patients with multiple medical problems, diabetes management, and preparation for discharge to nursing homes. 

Resource nurses are available in wound and skin, pain, diabetes, fall prevention and safety, and palliative care. Other services include: