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D4/6 - Family Medicine and Forensics

D4/6 - Family Medicine and Forensics - For Nurses, Leadership, Departments and Units, Medical Nursing


D4/6 consists of 12 beds on the Family Medicine unit and six beds in the Forensics unit. 

Family Medicine 

Family Medicine is a general medical service staffed by Family Medicine physicians associated with Group Health Cooperative. This unit provides service for a wide range of medical conditions and can be viewed as a generalist unit, with their number one diagnosis being rule out MI. 

This unit has a high activity rate with a short average length of stay (approximately two days) and a high demand for beds. The unit will also care for overflow patients from the other medical services, with the ability to care for eight telemetry patients, one negative airflow room and three ceiling lifts to accommodate physically-dependent patients. 


The Forensic unit can accommodate up to six inmates from the Wisconsin Department of Corrections (DOC). This is a locked unit and is staffed with officers from the DOC. This unit serves inmates that require any medical or surgical interventions at a general care level. If a higher level of monitoring is warranted, the inmate will be housed on the appropriate unit until stable enough to be transferred to the locked unit.