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D4/4 - Medical Nursing

D4/4 - Medical Nursing - For Nurses, Leadership, Departments and Units, Medical Nursing


D4/4 is an 18-bed, General Medicine Unit. D4/4 is new to UWHC as the unit opened in September of 2010. D4/4 contains one negative airflow room, eight rooms with ceiling lifts to accommodate bariatric patients and telemetry in all rooms. The average daily census is 11-14 patients, with a typical length of stay between 1-5 days. 

The medical teams from the General Medicine 2A and 2B services are the primary attendings on D4/4. Our physician’s fields of practices are Geriatrics and Adult development and General Internal Medicine. 

D4/4 strives for teamwork and excellence. In an effort to capture the spirit of D4/4 and the values shared by our team, our staff created the D4/4 Code of Conduct to which our team agrees to adhere. 

Resources nurses are available in wound and skin, pain, diabetes, fall prevention and safety, and geriatrics. D4/4’s Unit Council strive to create solutions for physician and nurse communication, physician and nurse bedside rounding, and nurse bedside safety checks.